New Musc Review – musicformessier – Invisible Aliens (single)

a3942172063_10Band: musicformessier
Song: Invisible Aliens
Genre: Space-jazz, post-rock, ambient
Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/Bandcamp

musicformessier are two mysterious gents from Hungary that mix together some lush post-rock music with smooth ambiance. Today, we’ll be looking at the single from the collaborative album they have coming out, Leaving the I.S.S.

Said album is in collaboration with, Cousin Silas, and is expected to be released on the 28th of September, this year.

The artists describe their music as ‘acoustic space art’ and by golly, does it feel like it.

Their previous release, Saturnitical Mercurism, that was released this March is an impressive collection of tunes that engross and take-in the listeners. The instrumentation is smooth and laid back, you could almost dub it, space-jazz, in fact, I’d like to.

Space-jazzers, musicformessier, most recent track, Invisible Aliens, is equally extraterrestrial with it’s shuddering guitars and keys. It’s a minimal track that doesn’t over stay it’s welcome, which is something these gents have taken down to a fine form. Invisible Aliens would be perfect for late night studying, when you want to turn off your phone, forget to use Facebook and just get on with it; basically just disconnect yourself from reality and enter your own deep space.

I believe what musicformessier are doing is suitable for the kind of music they create and judging from previous releases and the sound of Invisible Aliens, we should be in for more consistently pleasing space-jazz.

So remember to clear a date in your captain’s log for Leaving the I.S.S. being released through all the usual suspects on the 28th of September.


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