Band O’ The Week #5

It’s time for my favourite feature that I never do: Band O’ Week! One day I will post these on a consistent date, I promise.

chetfaker1_wideThe Band: Chet Faker

The Sound: Electronic-soul-lounge

The Recommend: Thinking In Textures (EP)

This guy is an Australian electronic musician

Chet Faker is a relatively new discovery to me, despite being active for two years now. Chet released his debut album back in April and I am so disappointed that I’d never heard him until recently!

Built On Glass is a wonderful album that surprised me more than anything else, but I did prefer his EP from 2012, Thinking In Textures. By the way, I’m not sure why it’s an EP, it has more than enough material to make a decent length of an album, just sayin’. The EP had some real thumpers on it, including the fucking excellent cover of No Diggity, which I’m going to show you now.

What I love about Chet’s music is the amount of variety. It’s like sticking your hand in a bag of soulful sweeties and getting ones that are the same colour, but are all slightly differently flavoured. What I mean to say, is that there’s a lot of consistent sounds in Faker’s music, however, he varies things up all the time with wistful samples, sweet synths and general nice key playing.

It’s this consistency that tells you, ‘This is it, this is a Chet Faker song’. Don’t get me wrong, it’d be nice to have a curve-ball, but it might feel out of place in his work. I’m hoping that he doesn’t repeat himself in future releases and instead, continues to make incredibly moving music that seems to come from an accessible sound.

Chet’s sound would appeal to most people, but I think music fans that are aching for that electronic soul sound, with maybe a splash of trip-hop, will find something they like with Chet Faker.

Good one Chet, A* you can have a smiley face an all.


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