New Music Review – HODSON – Colours That Glow In The Dark

a2190665182_10Artist: HODSON
EP: Colours That Glow In The Dark
Genre: IDM, experimental electronic, chiptune
Social Media: Soundcloud/Bandcamp

Today, we’re looking at Manchester’s very own, HODSON and his debut EP, Colours That Glow In The Dark, which we will from now on be shortening to Colours because time!

Considering Colours is the debut EP from HODSON, there is a surprisingly large amount of ground that is covered in a slim amount of time. We’re getting hints of IDM, chiptune and even some more experimental dance tracks. From what I’m hearing on my fourth listen through, I don’t think it’s a very typical electronic release, which is odd, because I can’t quite put my finger on why, but good.

The various soundspace that are trodden on during this EP, start with the chipchune influenced sound of Like Chalk To Slate, which also samples the Smurfs speech from Donnie Darko. Oddly enough, the different intensities of the sample weigh differently at different points in the song and this adds quite a bit of value, which means this is good sample use; it’s not just there for the sake of it.

Like Chalk To The Slate dances around with its quaint chiptune fiddling until and grows at a snail’s pace until it could explode, but instead, it disappears with a dignified fade.

Next on the menu, we have, Out Of Pasture, which feels more like a big beat tune that abandons the delicate nuisances and goes for a more cut-throat approach to the music. In my opinion, one of the more forgettable tunes, but that could be because the overall sound on this track doesn’t appeal to me.  There are much more interesting and clever tracks on here to take my fancy.

Pink And Blue is one such offering. This track is very chill and deviates from the big-beat-esque sound of the previous track to a rather alarmingly large amount. Some tranquil guitar takes the lead here with some minimal beats in the background. This track may not turn the world around on its head, it show’s HODSON’s proficiency at crafting some interesting and varied tunes.

Variety does make this EP an interesting listen, but I think I would have just liked to have seen more from HODSON. There is plenty of opportunity here to excel and go beyond the boundaries of what these songs are expected to sound like. Shock me something fierce! Adam Gnade – The Winter / Their Apartment, could have had something really great going for it, but it just meanders around like a lost b-side, or something.

This sort of thing does well at creating a mood, but it’d be nice to see more than just the places HODSON can take me; show me what these places are about. The final track, Somewhere Down In The West, does this in small doses and does leave me with a smile. Don’t be afraid to let loose and experiment some more, I certainly wouldn’t bite your head off.

HODSON’s debut EP, Colours That Glow In The Dark, is a great start to a solo career and offers sneak peeks at what this guy is capable of. If you like IDM, experimental electronic music or chiptune, give this EP a try, it’s available for a name your price over at Wave Form Generator’s Bandcamp.

I’m expecting more in the future HODSON, keep it up!


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