Band O’ The Week #6


Artist: Bear The Mammoth
Album: Yamadori
Genre: Progressive-rock, post-rock, instrumental
Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/Bandcamp

Week two and I manage to keep this feature going. Bear The Mammoth are a four-piece prog-rock/post-rock band from Australia that have been around since 2009. However, this year, back in June, they released their debut full-length album, Yamadori.

Quick tickle of information, yamadori, is the name for a tree collected from a wild mountain or a tree dwarfed “in the wild” by natural circumstances. The more you know! Cheers Google.

These guys work really well with flow and organic sounding songs on this album, there are plenty of shiny and quiet guitars to get any post-rock nut’s head spinning around and around. Let’s not forget the use of not just clever instrumentation, but the manipulation of more subtle sounds, like feedback and use of synths. Couple this with a strong set of drums and bass and you’re about ready for a good time.

If you want to be lazy and have a check out what these guys are really all about, listen to the song, Hieronymus Bosch; it’s one of their strongest songs and I think, shows off everything these guys have to offer. That being said, Molly is very sugary sweet AND epic for all you glistening post-rock fans out there.

Should you have time (and you should, otherwise why are you reading my opinion?) listen to the whole of Yamadori and support these guys by buying it from their Bandcamp.


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