Arms And Sleepers Announced New Album “Swim Team”

AAS_Swim Team_album cover

Soulful electronica duo to release Swim Team on October 28th

Arms And Sleepers are an electronic, Boston duo that have been together for a rather long time. Their music is said to be inspired by their childhood obsessions and their new album is hoping to achieve a nostalgic sound for the 80s. The album is going to be around 35 minutes long and is promising to deliver a wide range of colourful emotions with complex melodies and upbeat rhythms.

To coincide with the bands announcement, they have released the first single from Swim Team, simply called, Swim Team. Listen below.

From what I’ve heard so far, the album is certainly full of colourful and gentle sounding music; a very interesting listen for fans of instrumental hip-hop. The song is crafted with a sense of care and this seems apparent by the way everything falls into place so neatly on this track. The vocal harmonies are blissful, the instrumentation is bright and suitably major sounding.

So if you like what you’ve heard, get ready for Arms And Sleepers new album, Swim Team, coming out October 28th.

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