Updates #9

Relatively slow time for me and submissions recently, so content is a little on the thin side. I’m going to try and get a queue up and running for the first week of September, because I’ll be back home and enjoying some friendly banter with a few missed faces.

It was also my birthday a few days ago, so happy birthday from me to me, even if I don’t really like getting older.

Other than that, nout much going on, it’s been a few slow days and I’m working on getting some more content together, but I’ve been rather dry as well, so I’m not sure. Although I do have one or two to work through, so you can expect those up soon.

There will also be the sequel to my movie soundtrack post, next week. So hold onto your butts for that.

Hopefully we’ll get some more submissions soon and we can all have a gay old time with music again.

Here’s some art by my favourite (and everyone elses) Gustav Klimt.



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