New Music Review – James O’Hara-Knight – Vienna, Reportedly

Artist: James O’Hara-Knight
Song: Vienna, Reportedly
Genre: Singer-songwriter
Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud

James O’Hara-Knight is a singer-songwriter from London that has recently released his first track, Vienna, Reportedly, through a Youtube chanel called, Pigfarmer TV. However, this is not Mr O’Hara’s first move into the scene.

He has played main support slots for other class acts, such as: Martha Tilston, Josienne Clarke, Paper Aeroplanes, Michele Stodart, Hot Feet, Jess Morgan, Joe Driscoll, Sean McGowan. He’s also been developing his talents during festivals, with no signs of stopping, and building up a devoted fan-base.

This recent track, Vienna, Reportedly is a simple and sweet head bobber that seems to ache for the capability of travelling; sounds very Damien Rice, aside from the vocals. Said vocals sound much more like another of James O’ Hara’s influences, the mighty Leonard Cohen and yes his music is an acquired taste, but James’ feels infinitely more accessible.

The stripped back manner of the song doesn’t really leave much to the imagination; you’re given these vocals and that guitar and you’re presented with the idea of putting it together yourself, nothing up it’s own arse with metaphors.

As I said though, when listening I get a very strong Cohen feeling, or even a spell of Nick Drake, with the warm production and simple idea behind Vienna, Reportedly.

I’d be interested to see what Mr O’Hara can bring forward with a full studio release, or even an EP, so I’ll be keeping and ear out for whatever musical maneuvers he makes. As it stands for now, Vienna, Reportedly is a pleasing and simmering track that should light any singer-songwriter fan’s fire.


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