New Indie Rockers The Mcooleys Share First Song

The Mcooleys Present First Song From Upcoming EP Empty Blue Skies

The Mcooleys are a new band that indie-rock band that are preparing themselves to release Empty Blue Skies, their debut EP into the world of music. Empty Blue Skies seems very fitting, considering the band currently resides in Spain; such clear and beautiful skies!  Despite their being no release date, as of yet, for Empty Blue Skies, the gents are eager to show what they have so far, and the result is the tune What Happened Tonight.

I think, so far, the sound that these guys seem to have is an good enough one, the variety in sounds and playing is cool for a start, but these guys sound like they could have a lot to offer. Just check out the other two songs on their Soundcloud.

What Happened Tonight starts with this palm muted clean guitar that just plinks away, but develops a nice bite promptly with the bass and drums. For a first ‘official’ song thing, this recording sounds good, it’s not clippy, it makes the most out of what it has, although more bass would be nice and it does the job.

Something else I thought worth mentioning was how at times, to me atleast, that the lead singer Adam Booley sounded like Tom Delonge of Blink-182. Thankfully though, it’s not because he’s trying to sound like him, but you can hear flares of here and there. The gent has a nice singing voice and utilises it in numerous ways, instead of just stammering along.

Good start for the British born, Mallorca based trio.

Keep your ears to the ground for more!


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