New Music Review – Shifting Reality – Naive Audacity

a3384758175_10Artist: Shifting Reality
EP: Naive Audacity
Genre: Ambient
Social Media: Bandcamp

Ambient music is a massively expansive genre that dips it’s feet into all manners of music, but when it comes to getting it right or wrong, things can become very opinionated and up for personal interpretation; one persons heaven may be another persons hell. Today we’re looking at an artist that sits firmly on neutral sound ground.

Hungarian artist, Shifting Reality, released his EP, Naive Audcaity, on the 30th of August through his own means. This self released EP has been described by the artist as cinematic, ethereal and somewhat electronic. I can absolutely see where this is coming from. The sounds that are created on this EP are very thick, deep and at times expansive.

Shifting Reality sets a scene with minimal sounds, subtle instrumentation and some rather humid synths that hold chords for a very long time. With an EP, such as Naive Audacity, it would appear that the artist set out to create sound-spaces that deliver you from reality and put you in either a meditative state or another world. Naive Audacity accomplishes both with it’s short trio of songs.

To me, the first track, I Haven’t Seen Her In Reality, feels purely serene with it’s snail tempo, elongated chords and drifting pace; it sounds like clothes drying in a late spring evening. However, the other two tracks are deeper and offer much more for a listener. The title track uses this strange, almost psychedelic wiggle of synth and also manages to incorporate some drumming in there. This track is quite comparable to artists like Solar Fields and such with heavy synth use and occasional drumming occuring.

The final track on this EP, Doubts Of The Devil, dabbles in the deathly ethereal with it’s tidal wave like synth and sea-harpy vocal samplings; this track will take you in under it’s heavy pull and drown you. There isn’t really much I can say to describe this track… I mean, it’s much more drawn out, sounds darker and messes around in what could be field-samplings.

Overall, this EP is good start for Shifting Reality; the way has been paved and the musician is ready to travel with the music. Where will they go from here?


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