Favourite Movie Soundtracks #2

Time for more killer soundtracks for movies that may or may not be killer, although they usually are quite great.



Lets be honest, who didn’t see this one coming at some point? Now that I think about it, a lot of these movies will probably have people rolling their eyes at me, but who gives a fuck? Drive’s soundtrack suited the movie perfectly, featuring artists like Kavinsky, The Chromatics and the much ridiculed “Reeeeellll human bean!” College. One top of all this, you have the veteran composer, Cliff Martinez, adding his edgy and intense work to the movie.

Movie Music Moment: Human Bean

Smokin’ Aces


I snuck into the cinema when I was 15 to watch this movie and was blown away by everything about it; what 15 year old wouldn’t? It was trashy, stylised fun that didn’t take itself too seriously. On top of all that, it a unique list of artists that introduced me a new world of music, namely The Make Up. Then you have artists like Trivium, Motorhead, The Prodigy and GZA.

Movie Music Moment: Tremors and Trivium


various-artists-sunshine-coverBad science, amazing soundtrack. John Murphy is one of my favourites and this soundtrack (and 28 Days Later) are testament to his capabilities. It’s a clever mix of ambient, electronic and later on, some strange dance with UK techheads Underworld. This soundtrack is beautiful and deadly all at once, buckle up!

Movie Music Moment: Sunshine

The Machinist


Another atmospheric soundtrack that’s creepy, intense and very brooding. Fits the movie perfectly and I don’t think the composer could have done a better job. The movie really got me as well. Kudos to everyone involved with it!

Movie Music Moment: Looks Like Rain

 The Watchmen

cover_watchmen_soundtrackFuck yeah, I was suckered into this movie and it’s soundtrack. Problem? Most likely the most recent superhero movie that had me in stitches of glee. Of course, that does owe, in part, to the well put together music on this movie. You’ve got that amazing cover of Desolation Row, Bob Dylan (even though I’m not a fan) and everything in between.

Movie Music Moment: Times They Are A Changin’

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for more swanky soundtracks in the near future. Coming to a blog near you.

Actually, it’s only coming to this blog, I swear.



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