New Music Review – Witchingseason – Spiders

SpidersCoverBand: Witchingseason
Song: Spiders
Genre: Post-grunge
Social Media: Facebook/Soundcloud/Twitter

Witchingseason are a new Uk based post-grunge band that take influences from everyone you’d expect for this sort of band: Alice In Chains, Dinosaur JR, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and QOTSA. Recently, they’ve been picking up grungey steam after receiving rampant reviews from the likes of radio stations (Phoenix FM), bloggers (HearMeRaw) and so on in preparation for the release of their debut EP, which will be released on the 10th of November.

Until then, we have the band’s new single Spiders, which was released on the 1st of August (bit late to the party). However, what I’m sure I won’t be late to the party for is the release of new single Codeine, scheduled for October 1st.

So, shall we go and have a listen to it?

Instantaneously, you can hear the influences from the likes of Soundgarden with the overweight riffs and bombastic vocals from guitarist and vocalist, Tom Reynolds. The drumming is energetic and the bass manages to pump out some extra chunk to keep things at a decent girth, however, it seems like this energy and enthusiasm would flourish better for the band in a live atmosphere.

The riffs are simple and powerful, but delivered with such repetition it makes them wear a little thin; thankfully, there are two main riffs that swap around roughly halfway through the song. This little turnaround is slick and is rather neat; you can practically see the mosh-pit opening up and anticipating that second riff like some sort of drop.

The instrumentation is good in the way that all the instruments mesh together; nothing really feels out of place at this moment in time and it all just blends together. This can also be a problem though, like they’re still trying to find their sound in the great wall of sound and because of that, everything just feels ‘safe’ the band isn’t taking as many risks as it should.

For now though, safe does not mean bad.

From what you can hear in the song, Mr Reynolds does manage to give a consistent vocal performance with loud verses and some catchy humming at the chorus. Again, I’d love to see him push himself to this, clear and strong performance, in live environment.

So far, Witchingseason appear to be a fun and energetic party with the tunes cranked up to 11; I’m looking forward to the release of their EP on November 10th.

Keep your ears out kids x


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