Playlist #6 September 2014

So it’s been months since I’ve posted a playlist, yet I have been making them. What’s up with that? I am dreadfully forgetful, but today, I remembered!

Holy shit, I am so digging Kid Cudi’s Day N Night right now, I should probably listen to more at some point, but for now that track is the bomb. God, I’m so fucking white, it’s unbelievable at times.

Anyway, loving the Adult Swim singles that have been coming out recently, some fantastic gems on there that are well worth a listen, especially cause they’re free. Get them from here.

There’s also been the new Aphex Twin album, which is a lot more chill than I was expecting, but is still great, but at the time I made this playlist, Mumbly was where it was at! You also have Honeyblood, surprising album that was fun, well made and just something old with a gentle twist to shake it up.

In my life? Well, I’m going back to university for my last year and it’s going to be very minimal work, mostly just my dissertation, so don’t expect too many slowdowns or whatever. To keep things interesting, here’s a picture of Rasmus from Hotline Miami (a video game), because this post is now over.



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