Mike Vennart To Release Album Next April

Oceansize singer and guitarist announces new album

The gent from psychedelic messers, British Theatre, and the guy what plays with Biffy Clyro has recently announced that he will be releasing a record in April.

Usually, I’m not one for Twitter shenanigans and what have you, but whilst I was nipping through my tweets, I found some interesting back and fourth between some of Mr Vennart and his followers:

Followed by:

It’s amazing how one thing can improve your day so much, even when the day was already quite acceptable. After hearing Vennarts track, Operate, earlier this year I was bombarded with this injection of excitement to see that one of my favourite guys of all time was putting out something new.

It’s also great to hear that there’ll be old friends from Oceansize, contributing and having a fart around on this record too.

Have a listen to Operate, released back in February and be as gleeful as me.



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