Golden Fable Release New Video

Video for single Breathe In from new album Ancient Blue.

Golden Fable are a Welsh, indie, three-piece that have been setting up the digs for their brand new release, Ancient Blue, which is due out on the 10th of November through the label, Full Of Joy.

Breathe In, shows off the very operatic vocal styling of Rebecca Palin, who can, at times feel a bit too bombastic for the type of music (seems more suited to some Nightwish), but when things get off the ground, she falls into place. There’s plenty of strong sounds here, including bold guitar and empowering synths.

Thankfully, the synths don’t overwhelm the sound at all and give the guitar space to breathe and growl at the appropriate times; the guitar solo during the outro is minimal and has an awesome tone to it. I’ll be very interested to see if the band will be pulling any surprises with their sound and I’d really like to see the singer try a few new things.

The band are also releasing a small EP with Breathe In, which include the new single Breathe In and three non-album tracks, it will be released on 27th October. All of which can be purchased through the band’s Bandcamp. They are also touring a bit to promote the new album:


If you like what you’ve heard, you can follow these guys for more updates and tunes via the usual suspects:



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