New Music Review – musicformessier – Leaving The I.S.S


Band: musicformessier & Cousin Silas
Album: Leaving The I.S.S
Genre: Post-rock, ambience
Social Media: Soundcloud/Facebook/Twitter/Bandcamp

musicformessier are an ambient, post-rock, studio project from Hungary that have recently collaborated with English ambient/electronic music producer, Cousin Silas on their latest album, Leaving The I.S.S. The latter of these artists has an incredibly extensive discography that I wanted to dip my toe in, but just didn’t have the time for and it all seemed so intimidating; however, it is on the bucket list for me to explore Cousin Silas’ back-cat. I did give his newest effort a go, which was released on the 29th of September this year and adored the incredibly rich ambience that you can submerge yourself in, if you have the time and patience for ambient music.

Anyway, let’s cut the exposition and take a dive into Leaving The I.S.S, which is, in my opinion, one of the most atmospheric albums you’ll encounter this year; even if it is short on variety. Artists, musicformessier and Cousin Silas, working together are a match made in heavenly space as they weave thick, intricate ambient soundscapes with gorgeous post-rock guitars and effect driven twinkles.

When listening to Leaving The I.S.S there is genuine feeling of drifting through and beyond the stars that we recognise in the sky; the ambience is heavy, but ultimately submissive to the guitar in most of these tracks. Said guitar is insanely effect driven and whilst it can feel a bit much, but I think, for the most part, it works exceptionally at adding melodies and depth to the already stunning space-scapes.

It is a nice break when you hear clean guitar without the mass of effects on it, like the middle section of The I.S.S, it’s a relief. I think the all the delays could have been toned back on some of the songs, My Nebulae, you could have got the exact amount of space that you’d wanted without all the delay.

That being said, the effects can be rather playful and fun on tracks like Invisible Aliens, in which the guitar bounces around like some other-worldly being as stars and planets pass you by. musicformessier also make use of these dominant effects to build-up a song, as opposed to just using it as a tool for ambience and space. The construction of guitar falling in on itself and synths with swelling volumes make for a great change in pace on Zeeroo.

With the mention of change in pace, I do have to mention my biggest complaint about this album, the lack of any massive shift in direction, tempo, or sound. It feels as if, if these guys covered some intense material in this album, as well as just the atmospheric, Leaving The I.S.S would have been an all-around memorable experience.

The ambient sections of these songs are dazzling and when you hear the track Reflections In Time, which is entirely synth-made ambience, you can just embrace the striking minimalist approach. At times, it did become apparent that I was preferring the more ambient tracks, with less guitar in, such as Reflections, but it didn’t really impede my overall enjoyment of this release.

Leaving The I.S.S is a deep listen that can soundtrack your late nights of writing or star-gazing and even if you do end up wishing upon a star for a change of pace, you won’t be in a rush to forget your journey into space with musicformessier and Cousin Sillas. Leaving The I.S.S is available on Bandcamp for a name-your-price price and if you like space, or post-rock, then why not pick it up?

Until next time kids x


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