Paper Chase Frontman Releases New Material!

John Congleton debuts two new songs

Why should you care? Because this man has probably worked on songs that you’ve loved (and me), including, but not limited to: Anna Calvi, Swans, St Vincent, Explosions In The Sky, The Mountain Goats, Modest Mouse and so many more. This guy is a production wizard.

However, Mr Congleton lives a double life; by day he is but a simple (and amazing) producer, but by night, he is frontman of the late Paper Chase and Nighty Nite, both of said bands are very… abrasive and emotional?

To get into the gore of the matter, recently (a few hours after I publish this post), John Congleton has put out two new songs! Listen below:

And then:

It’s clear to see that Congleton has retained his grating jazzy arrangements of piano, strings and guitar, that still work themselves up into grand infectious chorus’. Absolutely, this is him showing off what he’s known for, but that’s just gravy. Why shouldn’t he keep coming at us with the same sharp kitchen knives that have pierced our hearts through the years?

What can we expect next? More material from The Nighty Nite, a ressurection of The Paper Chase, or just some solo work? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Good luck, godspeed and god-damn you all x


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