Stream New Nesseria Album

Crusty-as-fuck hardcore Band Stream New Release In Full

My friends over at Throatruiner Records, the lovely guys and gals that send me some of the best intense and brutish music, have recently informed me that you can stream the new Nesseria album, Fractures, in full. These lot are aggressive, twisted and all sorts of other messy adjectives. They are also, apparently, very socially charged, as most crust-punk bands are, but it’s difficult to tell with the grinding and oppressive vocals.

If you like what you hear from these loud lads, you can download, stream or buy their album from the Throatruiner’s website.

It’s rather enthralling to listen to a construction like this after a few good submissions of singer-songwriters. Just whack those headphones on, close your curtains and indulge in your dark, politically driven side.


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