New Music Review – Valsaland – Two Songs


Band: Valsaland
Songs: Fåån/Lilla Vän Jag Vill Bo I En Husvagn
Genre: Post-rock, experimental
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp/Twitter

Valsaland are a Swedish post-rock, experimental band that I’ve check out before, when they released their video Leka, back in May, which feels like eons ago. Recently, they got in touch with me and asked if I’d give a listen to their two new songs/videos: Fåån and Lilla Vän Jag Vill Bo I En Husvagn.

Both of these videos have yet to be released, but when they are, rest assured, I will embed them here. Until then, here’s Leka:

I stated in my first impressions that everything felt rather unfinished and when you put it together, with these two songs, everything begins to fall into place and the sounds tie together nicely. Lilla feels immediately like the precursor to Leka in it’s slow and melancholic build-up , whereas Fåån stands majestic and primal. Again, much like Leka.

Fåån is an intense track, without the need of grotesque distortions, but the help of strangely gorgeous guitar that’s being picked and strummed vibrantly. I also liked the strings at the end of this track and they carry over the rest of Valsaland’s songs nicely and without fear of sounding repetitive or boring. The solo in this also has a tone to kill for; it’s a whirlwind of pleasing notes that aren’t about showing off, but creating an atmosphere you’d be likely to imagine during a light-hearted breakdown.

The track Lilla on the other hand, can at times feel incredibly ghost-like, with the vocals muttering along and the choirs of young voices gently battling for dominance with the other minor sounding downplayed instruments. Again there is an excellent use of instruments in this song, nothing feels crowded or unwelcome, just slightly unsettling.

The experimental nature of these songs makes them a joy to listen to and, again, I reiterate my desire to hear a complete album from these guys.


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