Gaze Is Ghost Reveals New Video

Accompanies New AA-Side Single

Gaze Is Ghost is a Northen Irish composer-songwriter that has put out her new AA-single side single, (lots of sibilance there) Revolvere / Murmuration. The video for Revolvere was created by a surrealist photographer Karl Dmitri Bishop, so expect some eerie and peculiar imagery.

The video compliments the song magically: the slow black and white images mesh wonderfully with the melodramatic instrumentation and vocals that Gaze Is Ghost mastermind, Laura McGarrigle, provides.

Revolvere is a slow dreary track with some lush sounds that, whilst they do serve their purpose, lack any colour. In this one instant, its fine, but I feel like a whole album of this could grate on my nerves, unless something impressive and not so blank comes along.

Thankfully, the second track, Murmuration, has more vocal melodies on offer and sounds more interesting, to me at least. It’s shorter and more stripped back than Revolvere, but at this length, the song doesn’t over-step its welcome and become boring.

Both tracks are nice, but in terms of a whole album, I’d need more musical sustenance. I mean, there need to be some major moments to counter-act the minor moments. If you like what you’ve heard, you can buy the double a-side from Bandcamp – it’s a name your price release, so have at it.


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