New Music Review – Seas Of Years – Drifting Ever Shifting


Band: Seas Of Years
EP: Drifting Ever Shifting
Genre: Post-rock
Social-media: Facebook/Bandcamp



Seas Of Years are a Swedish post-rock/post-metal/instrumental outfit that have recently put out their sophomore EP, Drifting Ever Shifting. The EP was released on the 15th of October through Bandcamp and is available for 49 Swedish Kronas – that’s about £4 to the UK and just as low priced everywhere else.

Their profile says that previous to this musical project, all of the members from Seas Of Years are from metal backgrounds and have never played post-rock, which after a good listen of this EP, is hard to believe. There are many uplifting chords and melodies, lots of delayed guitars, subtle drums and plenty of prominent bass – too often is the bass neglected during post-rock music!

That’s not to say that the influence from metal is entirely devoid on this EP – The first song, Pass Skies, has a dominant and powerful intro and is generally a good opener. I also think that the closer for the EP, Rely On Thermal Winds, also has a slight metal influence, especially in the last two or three minutes with these nice chords and guitar solo work. Guitar solo work does not mean ‘over-the-top’ soloing either, thank you!

Seas Of Years do a fantastic job of creating that a very expressive post-rock sound – tremolo picked guitars are bright and vibrant, while slower sections of the songs give a sense of space and room. For example, the quietest track on here, Stairwell, has moments near the outro where the guitar is just left to slowly exhale with some gentle feedback. When the acoustic comes in at the midway point too? Yeah, that’s really nice.

One of my problems with Seas Of Years, is how post-rock it can be – they do have the technique down for it and that’s great, but I’d like to see much more experimentation. I can understand that they set out to make a post-rock release, but surely they didn’t want it to be too formulaic and sugary sweet? Sea Of Years can feel formulaic at times, but it’s not sugary, I’m just trying to express that I was expecting something else. Considering these guys came from metal backgrounds, I was almost expecting something like USA Out Of Vietnam, Russian Circles or maybe even something a bit mental like You Slut!

Again though, they do do post-rock really fucking well – those melodies at the start of Ledge are to die for and I adore the driving groove behind The Glass Shelter and the View. The instrumentation on all of the songs here are beautifully clear and crisp: from the shiny guitars, to the driving drums, everything here sounds wondrous.

Final Notes:

Drifting Ever Shifting is a decent release that reaffirms that these guys are great at making stellar post-rock music, it’s just a shame that there’s a minimum of anything else here. But hey, that’s expectations I guess. If you like post-rock, give these Sea Of Years some wonga, and enjoy.


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