Top O’ The Month OCTOBER

This is a new type of post (sort of) where I read you out a few of my favourite albums of the month, so if you missed anything, you can check them out and see what you think. The posts will be covering albums that I have and hadn’t had a chance to review, I guess it depends on the month, mostly. If I’ve done posts on them, then I’ll post a link to all the appropriate pages and such.

So without further delay, here are my top albums of October 2014.


Artist: Flying Lotus
Album: You’re Dead
Genre: Electronic, jazz-fusion, hip-hop
Quick rundown: Flying Lotus is a US based musician this is his 6th release, You’re Dead, under Flying Lotus and it’s a great listen, the jazz-fusion parts can get boring after awhile, but they’re short enough not to take away any real pleasure from this album.
Listen Here

Album: Fractures
Genre: Crust-punk
Quick rundown: Although this album has yet to get a proper material release, you have been able to stream the album since mid October, so it counts. This is heavy, pummeling and socially charged crust-punk at it’s finest. It’s also well-produced and every blast of the instruments and growls of vocals feels as loud as they should – a must have for any head thrasher.
Listen Here

20140709165029!Cover_of_Weezer's_album_Everything_Will_Be_Alright_in_the_EndArtist: Weezer
Album: Everything Will Be Alright In The End
Genre: Alternative-rock
Quick rundown: A fine, sort of, return to form for the established alt-rock act Weezer. Everything Will Be Alright In The End, has the catchy songs like Cleopatra and Back To The Shack, it also has the self-aware – Had It Up To Here. Give the Weezer another chance with this album and enjoy songs that might take you back to The Blue Album, slightly.
Listen Here


Artist: My Brightest Diamond
Album: This Is My Hand
Genre: Art-pop
Quick rundown: I haven’t really been paying attention to My Brightest Diamond since the, A Thousand Sharks Teeth album, so coming back at this point was a surprise. It seems to me that Shara (the mind and hand, heh, behind this band) has really come into her own as more of a pop artist. That’s just fine, This Is My Hand sounds energetic and colourful and while some songs may lack the impact of previous releases, it’s still a solid and fun album.
Listen Here


Artist: Primus
Album: Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble
Genre: Experimental
Quick rundown: It’s a cover album of all the songs from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, done by the amazing and twisted minds of Primus. Not much else to say. Okay fine, this isn’t the best release of October, but it genuinely has some interesting moments that are full of giggles, just seeing how they pulled off the song in signature, bass-driven style. Shout-out to Golden Ticket, best song ever!
Listen Here



Artist: Dope Body
Album: Lifer
Genre: Noise-rock
Quick rundown: Exciting, unpredictable and off the chain – Just a few words to describe Dope Body and their newest release Lifer. This album sees the Baltimore breathing new life, if rather viciously, into the lungs of the noise-rock scene with chunky and fierce instrumentation and some nicely delivered vocals. At times, I can’t help but think this sounds rather like Lightning Bolt and a more pumped Joy Division.
Listen Here


Artist: A Winged Victory For The Sullen
Album: Atomos
Genre: Ambient
Quick rundown: Pure and stunning ambient music that I really wanted to review this month, but never got around to. There are plenty of lush ambient tunes here from the Berlin duo, although there is a lack of… self-aware song titles. Very sad times, would have been nice to see more We Played Some Open Chord, style song titles.
Listen Here


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