New Music Review – k. – k. songs unreleased or not finished



Artist: k.
Release: k. songs unreleased or not finished 
Genre: Singer-songwriter, rock
Social-media: Bandcamp



k. is probably the musician with the shortest name I’ve ever had, k.s is also from Ohio and has recently put out a short release of unreleased material, titled, k. songs unreleased or not finished. This was released back in October 21st of this year, so let’s get in to it! Now, what sort of music can you expect from k.? On this release, I’d say you can expect some alt-rock, maybe singer-songwriter style music that is all very restrained and minimal in its instrumentation and production.

The first song, Do You Like It, was difficult to listen to for me, why? Because I found the vocals and lyrics to be so troublesome to listen to. It’s not bad for the first section of the song, while it’s all backed up with the funky bass, but for me the outro vocals were painful to listen to and just made me want to stop the song. That being said, the last little vocal snippet (listen to understand) wins Do You Like it? Some points.

The second song, Lover……………………………………………………………………………………………………………I Miss Her, which will I will now be calling, Lover, for undisclosed reasons, is much preferable. The guitar is rather plain and simple, with some subtle effects over it and it works for a sing-songwriter like song. It’s just rather sweet too, which is nice.

Strangely, I got a very old school rock n’ roll vibe from the next track, 400 miles home at about 60MPH. The vocals at the start get it all kicked off rather quickly and when the guitar gets some distortion slopped over it, it all sounds fun and almost like some Kinks. What I also found rather interesting was the slightly staggered second guitar on this recording – it sort of sticks out and I’m not sure whether this is me mishearing things, or something else, but it struck me as odd.

I wrote a poem, is probably the track that strikes me most, if only because of the way that the guitars mesh together here. It sounds pleasant with the vocals. I also liked the lyrics on this song, because, you know who ever does write their poem correctly after the first draft? Funnily enough, it almost seems like this song is a metaphor for this entire release. ‘I wrote it wrong, so I turned it into this song’.

Final Notes:

While I don’t think this project feels in anyway finished as it is right now, there are some good building blocks here; blocks that demonstrate that k. should be out there searching for a band to create with. The instrumentation is nice at times and the bass is always groovy, so why not expand into other projects and offer something with other musicians? I’d be very interested in seeing what k. has to offer in the future.

P.S. I dig the album art.




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