New Music Review – Lucasle – Temporary Collection



Artist: Lucasle
Album: Temporary Collection
Genre: Electronic
Social-media: Soundcloud/Bandcamp/Facebook



Lucasle is the musical project of Lucas Herrera from Sweden and although this album isn’t exactly new, we’ll be taking a look at Temporary Collection. This album was released on the 24th of November 2013 and is available on Bandcamp for a name your price price. Lucasle uses guitar and various electronic arrangements to create his music in various creative and colourful ways. From the get go, I’m willing to say that Temporary Collection houses some very organic and blissful tracks that show off how original Lucasle can be with his music.

What I really appreciate from this artist is the use of… well, everything in his music – the guitars sound clear and consistently wonderful, the synths are full of life and the percussion is not just your usual run of the mill crap you’ll see in pop. However, I could definitely draw some positive comparisons between Lucasle and the electronic composer Pogo – both musicians share an inspired use of their instrumentation, in my opinion and both sound lovely in their own rights.

Let’s get into some actual songs! From the very start, you get a very clear idea of the kind of sound that Lucasle is going for and that sound is consistently pursued throughout the entire release. When I first started listening to the track U, I thought the sudden breaks in sound didn’t work, but almost instantly, I was converted as more instrumentation was brought in and the song structure remained ever changing. The interesting use of dynamics is used repeatedly through Temporary Collection and no two songs sound the same.

I also really appreciate the snippets of vocals use in tracks like Baños, Hardy, Towidode and Telephone Airplane – It’s not just shameful use of sampling, it’s considered and measured. The use of guitar is rather pleasant as well; it breaks up the electronic work rather finely. I think the best example for this, is the previously mentioned track Towidode: the beats and electronics are all well and good, but the guitar is a really nice break from what could become incredibly boring if it overstays its welcome.

There are also some rather memorable melodies on this album too, with tracks like Span and (again) Baños, being some of my favourites. I do feel, however, that this album could have done with some more slower moments, completely devoid of beats or anything like that. While I do think tracks like Halo and Hängöver do deliver, I personally think that Hängöver is one of the weaker tracks, if only because it feels very flat compared to the rest of the music here.

Which leads me to my next bit of fussing: I think that the second half of Temporary Collection, feels rather dull when compared to the first (or at least to track 7). I wouldn’t say that the rest of the tracks after Baños are boring, but they don’t measure up to some of the wonder that is Span, or U. At the end of the day though, this is still a great listen.

Final Notes:

Temporary Collection is an album that falls flat in the second half, but only because of the wonder built-up in the first half of this album. You’ll find innocence and child-like wonder within the creativity of Lucasle’s work and especially within this album. Temporary Collection is available for a name your price price, so if you like what you’ve heard, support this artist.


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