New Music Review – Polysemy – Extras


Artist: Polysemy
Demo: Extras
Genre: Electronic, experimental-electronic
Social-media: Bandcamp/Facebook/Soundcloud



Today, we have another experimental electronic musician named Dalton Moehnke, who spearheads his solo musical project, Polysemy . Despite there being another 3 track EP planned for this month, I’m looking at the demo release, Extras, which was released on the 26th of September. Polysemy is also planning to release a full-length album, through LOF Records, before the end of the year.

What is Extras, then? This release consists of two rather short songs that utilise a rather strange vibe that I can only really associate with water and some delightfully bright synth work. Despite being rather short in time, I think that this release does a good job of teasing at what Moehnke has in store for us.

If this release has proved anything to me, it’s that Polysemy can throw down something rather unique in a short space of time. His song, People, which is a 3 minute wonder has this brilliant synth that comes about during the ‘chorus’ and fits so well with the vibe that the little keys are playing from the start. There’s also some guitar sampled here, that on paper, could sound out of place, but because of the way it’s been produced, fits in perfectly and leads well into another chorus. Everything on this song has been caked in reverb and if you don’t use reverb sparingly, it can sound incredibly tarty, but here with this underwater vibe, I think it suits it.

This use of reverb and water like sounds echoes into the shorter piece, Family. Although this track is just over a minute long, I believe it carries on what People started and doesn’t end up sounding repetitive – thanks mostly to its short run-time.

Final Notes:

I honestly don’t believe needs to be said about this release: it’s short, sweet, sounds wonderfully produced and with the promise of more material by the end of the month, I don’t feel too cheated by its length. So why not get this free release and submerge yourself in this mini release of Polysemy .


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