Wonderful Humans (band) Cover ‘Shake It Off’

Taylor Swift Taken In New, Darker, Direction

Wonderful Humans are a NYC based electro-pop duo that have recently decided to cover one of the bigger songs from the last few months. I am of course talking about Taylor Swift’s August hit, Shake It Off.

The first major change you’ll notice is the change in tempo, mood, and instrumentation – so basically everything. What we have is, not quite a complete re-imagining (atleast not in the same way that a band like Biffy Clyro might re-imagine something), but rather a slight fiddling with, which is totally cool with me. However, it is rather odd, considering that the rest of their music has a great variation in sound and moods about it, Edge Of The Night is especially groovy.

Everything here is incredibly stripped and it does work, for the most part. Like the when the song comes alive during the chorus and some synths start to ripple away over the limited percussion – it’s a nice sounding track, I just wish there was more to appreciate, because at times it can feel a little too bare-bones. But I guess, that’s the direction Wonderful Humans wanted to take the track.

The vocals here are easily the high-point of the track, they fit perfectly with the instrumentation and feel like they could be very versatile in any other situation. I really like the way that the vocalist, Amanda Carl, rolls out the ‘shake it off’ line.

Still, these guys are an interesting duo that are just starting to grow into their shoes and it’s probably for the best that we keep a close eye on them. How do you do that? With social-media, obviously!



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