The Familiar Reveal New Video For ‘World Ends’

Ice Chill Electropop Duo Release New Video

The Familiar are an electropop duo from the not so sunny world of Norway and the USA – let me explain this: we have one member, Mads(the gentleman that makes the sounds), living in Brooklyn, NY and we have Ruth (the lass singing), who lives in Norway. Back in May, they released their debut EP, Rooms. Even more recently than that (about one day ago to be exact), The Familiar released a video to go with their single, World Ends, that features some rather darkly imagery to go along with their sinister sounding tune.

World Ends, itself is a heavily synth based track that revolves around one main synth hook and a few others that waver into existence every now and then. There’s also some fitting and minimal percussion in there, but takes a back seat, like, waaaaay back – they’re so back-seat, that they make the seats at the back of a cinema look close. That doesn’t mean that they’re bad, I just don’t think it would be practical to have some strange, erratic drums featuring in a track like this.

The song really comes together with the ending and the lovely vocal performance of the singer. The ending in itself is nicely put together and everything swells in without sounding like a mess of synthetic bleeps and bloops – everything feels very controlled, the percussion steps up its presence and it works.

Like what you hear? Why don’t you buy their material? Or follow them:



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