Noel and The Pandas Set To Release New Album

New Video From Italian Rockers as well!

Red Light Obsession is the new music video from Italian rock band Noel and The Pandas, it’s off of their debut album, ‘In The Art Of Doom’.

The song itself goes through a few different movements and while there is an obvious chorus, the verses seem quite organic in the way they’re played- you’ve got a sad little piano intro that eventually gives way to percussion, vocals and some tremolo guitar. That being said, Noel and The Pandas add slight element changes to each verse and chorus to keep things from getting stale. The guitar solo at the end of the track is also nice and gives the track a darker sound than I was initially expecting.

The sound as a whole is very pleasant, the guitars sound very clean and they do give off the same impression of a dark rainy night – the exact same image you get in the video. It all sounds rather dreamy, from the twinkles of piano in the chorus, the mellow plucking of the guitar verse and the occasional splashes of synth.

With the vocals, I’m not sure that I got what the lyrics were about. On the one-hand, they could be incredibly personal, or just deceptively simple, but either way, I don’t think I’ll dissect them too much. Unless it’s as simple as someone’s different personal interpretations of what the colour red means to them. To me, the vocals sound rather default, just like typical rock vocals from a not so rocky band – they’re not bad, but they’re just there, but the back-up female vocals work nicely.

If you like what you hear, you can buy the single Red Light Obsession, from here.


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