Witchingseason Release New Single ‘Codeine’

Debut EP to be released at the end of November

Witchingseason are a post-grunge act that I’ve featured before and are planning to release their first EP soon. Before that though, they’ve released another single titled Codeine. This track is much longer than the previously featured Spiders, but more or less features a similar grunge vibe that slides between Nirvana and Queens of The Stone Age, at least on this song it does. The guitar sounds suitably bleak and thick with the bass, while the drums all sound fiery and as usual, singer, Tom Reynolds hits all the right grunge spots.

The interlude that occurs about five minutes in is a nice change in pace, but I feel is somewhat unfulfilled and could be drawn out in a different direction, just to make the stab of snarly guitar at the end that little bit more striking. When said snarly guitar does come in, the drums really go for it here as well which sounds top, which also reminds me of a problem I had with these guys last time – the instruments all just mold together at some points in Spiders, but here there seems to be more distinction. The bass can be heard grooving away in the background and the drums have some fantastic parts.

I can only hope that this transfers over, more so in fact, into Witchingseason’s EP. There will be a review next week, hopefully. Probably.

So stay tuned, this is not over.


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