New Music Review – The White Mega Giant – TWMG

a0215946163_10Band: The White Mega Giant
Album: TWMG
Genre: Post-rock
Social-media: Facebook/Bandcamp/Twitter



The Mega White Giant or, TWMG as we will now call them to save words, are an Italian post-rock, electronic band that have an incredibly spacey vibe about them with their mass of effects, loops and walls of sound engulfing listeners. They put out their first album back in December 2011, Antimacchina, which had a typical post-rock sound with lots of crisp guitars and echoing delay, marching bass, epic drums – post-rock through and through. However, TWMG have recently put out their latest album, TWMG, which takes things in a similar direction, but with some more subtleties and electronic elements thrown in that make for an interesting and deep listen.

There’s a much larger focus on textures this time around and it shows, with moody walls of atmosphere and some rather grand screens of distortion. I mean, the album starts with a two part song called Hubots – the first song is an extremely slow build-up, with a thick synth wavering around for a minute until you get some effected vocals coming in. Then the song grows around this quiet guitar and piano; it’s a good intro, but the second part steals the show with the massive wall of distortion and stunning guitar melodies that stomp on for a good three minutes, until it fades into the next song: Heart Beat Quantize.

This track is atmospheric, everything sounds very airy and dreamy and ambient with the way it’s been produced, but not in a tarty over-the-top way. The drums on Heart Beat Quantize are incredibly simple for the first part of the song, even after they’re not much different, but the idea that the drums are this minimal for so much of the song is brave. It does kind pay off, but it would have been nice to see a bigger, more bombastic pay-off for the drums at the end of this track.

I’d say that the other more ambient focused tracks on this record do suffer from being somewhat forgettable when compared to some of the majestic walls of sound you have on TWMG. Songs like Pulse Rate and Meccatronica sound great with the buzzy synths mixed with looping noises (they almost sound like 65daysofstatic), but then shorter tracks like Analog and Automaton are just kind of there. Considering how adept this lot seem at using textures and some gorgeous melodies, it’s just a shame that these tracks didn’t stand out as much as they could have.

Final Notes:

Despite some dull ambient tracks, TWMG do succeed in creating immersive atmospheres that have some interesting twists to the. The final track Meccatronica is wonderful, in its colourful wall of sound that feels as strong and immediate as TWMG can be. I can honestly say that I think TWMG are at their best when they’re building their music into these tasty goliaths of music that soar majestically through the airwaves.


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