Top O’ The Month NOVEMBER

Look, it’s a feature I’m actually managing to keep up with! It is only once a month, but still. We’ve moved from November and into December and you know what that means:

It also means that it’s time to share with all you readers what my favourite albums of November were and this month, it’s been quite the mix of stuff that I’m excited to talk about. There weren’t that many that I got around to listen to that really grabbed me, but there were still some. So without anymore messing and talking about the best holiday ever (it’s Christmas soon btw), lets talk about music.


Artist: IAYD
Genre: Chiptune
Quick rundown: A fantastic, energising and destructive album here from this Austin based electronic, chiptune composer. This is his first in roughly four years and it feels like it! The music is a restless, majestic, onslaught of retro-style dance tracks that put you in a video-game based rave. All the music was made with a Gameboy running Little Sound DJ 3.7.4. how fucking super awesome is that?
Listen Here 


Artist: Damien Rice
Album: My Favourite Faded Fantasy
Genre: Singer-songwriter
Quick rundown: It’s been eight years since Damien’s previous album O, and although this album wasn’t as amazing as I was expecting, it still surprised me. Mainly by being as not being as bad as I thought it COULD have been. Damien is still as emotional as ever and comes up with some of his most effective lyrics yet. It’s also still obvious that he has his flair for composing and writing music in a way that just echoes pain and emotional turmoil.
Listen Here


Artist: Full Of Hell 
Album: Full Of Hell & Merzbow
Genre: Grindcore/black-metal
Quick rundown: This album just came out of nowhere for me. I just came across it at work, figured I’d give it a listen (never previously listened to Full Of Hell) and wow. Full of Hell and Merzbow (a Japanese noise mastermind) collaborate on this album and bring about the next apocalypse. This release just felt like a complete blitzkrieg on my ears and when it does, I’m just sat there, uneasily awaiting the next beating.
Listen Here


Artist: Royksopp
Album: The Inevitable End
Genre: Electronic
Quick rundown: This electronic duo have always been a favourite of mine with their rich electronic sounds and colourful sounds, so I was sad to hear when they said they wouldn’t be putting out anymore typical album material. As such, this album serves as a well fitting goodbye as they utilise infectious hooks and incredible production. There are also a few melancholic moments that almost leave you feeling choked up (not really), but still it seems like more of ‘Live on and be happy without me’ goodbye than a ‘We’re gone, be sad’ farewell.
Listen Here


Artist: Cursive
Album: The Ugly Organ
Genre: Indie, post-hardcore
Quick rundown: Real quick rundown here: shoutout to the album that practically soundtracked my first year in university! That’s not to say that I went to uni in 2003, I just heard it all during uni. Anyway, this 2003 classic has been reissued by the post-hardcore band Cursive and it contains all the emotive and whiny moments that it originally had, plus a few more tidbits, just to keep you listeners happy.
Listen Here


Artist: damascus 
Album: When Last We Met
Genre: Post-rock
Quick rundown: It’s all about pure sounds that are just made and delayed (in post-rock) to be destroyed for and by this New Jersey based post-rock act. When Last We Met is a powerful and emotional journey that you’re guided on by heavy, soothing and fierce sounding songs. There’s not much that can really be said about this album, you need to listen, with headphones and soak in everything that goes on, during this amazing album.
Listen Here


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