Interview With Witchingseason


Dear readers, today I have an interview for you lot with the band Witchingseason. We talk shop, about the debut EP, guilty pleasures and a few other tidbits of information for any fans out there. Hope you enjoy reading the interview and if you like the music these guys have made, you can buy their EP, over on iTunes.

Band: Witchingseason
Genre: Post-grunge
Social Media: Facebook/Soundcloud/Twitter

Hey guys, first things first, thanks for taking some time out of your busy musician lifestyles to have a little chat with me! 

Band: No problem!

You’ve been playing a few shows recently, how do you guys feel that the shows have been going? I mean, it’s have you caught any crazed fans yet?

Tom: live is what it’s all about, I feel very much at home playing a show and I’m beginning to get used to the other things that come with it. Fans or no fans we play each show with the same amount of passion.

Wayne: The shows have been going well. We are still working on building a solid fan base but we are concentrating on developing our live show more than anything.

James: I think live is where you will understand us more as a band and the fans I have spoken to enjoy what we do live.

Do you have any plans to do a larger tour to help promote your new EP when it drops? 

Wayne: We are thinking of touring as soon as possible. It’s all we think about really but making it a reality is quite difficult.

Tom: you have to understand we are a self-sufficient band and whatever we do costs us money, if we had the money we wouldn’t stop!

Speaking of which, it’s a shame that it got delayed, so let’s heal the pain and talk about it: which of the songs is, in your opinion THE song off the album? Which song says, ‘This is Witchingseason and we’re here to rock out with our cock out’? If it would say something like that.

Tom : I think for me it’s probably codeine it was one of the first songs I ever wrote it’s developed so much since we recorded it.

Wayne: All of the songs on there are us. But Codeine is the one that we are really proud of.

James : I like Mechanical failure, it’s a clever song

How long have you guys been working on this EP? 

Tom: it’s weird one, it was never an EP they were basically demos we done. We had spiders a part of Codeine and mechanical failure was a riff I came up with the day before and we recorded those 3 in a day all analog straight to tape we had played with a drummer 3 times before that session so we played it very safe. Then we had a change of drummer and recorded false light and gods waiting room again (2 other demos we done before) overall we have spent less than a week recording those songs but we didn’t intend on releasing them but you have to get the ball rolling somehow.

You guys also manage to make a lot of noise for a three-piece, has it always been that way?

Wayne : Yes

Tom : I think it’s because it’s an extension of our anxieties and stress it’s a release!

James : Do we?

Is everyone in the band relatively similar in terms of what they want out of the band in terms of sound and such?

Tom: I’m not sure if I’m honest. I think we all enjoy playing live and we want to tour and be able to support ourselves and produce better music and hopefully a lot of albums!

It’s great to see that you guys have really been picking up speed in the music scene. A lot of that seems to be from you making a splash in the blogosphere, which is interesting, because back in the day (har har), things were very different. How do you feel about the ever evolving music scene and the way everything seems to be changing?

Tom : I think the only thing that should evolve is the music bands make not how they make it and not how it’s sold. I think the only good thing about modern technology as far as music is concerned, is it’s easier to discover small bands that you may have never heard of before. Problem is it’s a the click of a button people don’t want to leave the house and go to see bands they just watch YouTube instead.

Wayne: Things need to change to evolve but we think you should not forget the past. We adopt a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” attitude where we like to do things old school as we think it sounds better.

James: Keep it old school, go to studios experience music in it’s most organic form!

Name one artist that each of you loves that completely contradicts the sound of Witchingseason, a guilty pleasure, if you will.

James : I love Duke Garwood I wouldn’t say it contradicts us, it contradicts most music

Wayne : I’m a big lover of punk pop so I’ll have to say fall out boy. I also really love Ella Eyre.

Tom: for me it’s got to be Haim I love there sound and I couldn’t stop listening to their debut album!

Does each of you have an album or albums of the year to give a shout out to? 

Wayne: For me if had to be Manchester orchestra cope/hope.

James : Olga Bell/ Krai 

Tom : Brody Dalle Diploid Love and the lates Mark Lanegan album Phantom Radio 

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me and I hope to see you lot at a show soon! 

Band: Look forward to it!

So there you have it, Witchingseason, you can purchase their debut EP on iTunes, right now.



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