New Music Review – nnord – Funeral


Band: nnord
Song: Funeral
Genre: Ambient, drone, soundscape
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp


nnord are a French ambient project that I have talked about previously (see here) and back in June they put out their debut LP, Orbital. This release was incredibly atmospheric and moody; it had a lot of good and interesting sounds on it that kept me listening through some of the more challenging minutes. Now, a few months later, a new song has been released, which more of a collection of songs all is rolled into one titled Funeral.

This release clocks in at just over 20 minutes, it’s has five parts and it follows similar ground to that of Orbital. However, this time around, everything feels much more minimal and much more drone bits going on. You could even say that the album art is as descriptive of this release, as my words can be; it’s monotone. Throw away any thoughts of colour and happiness, this song is dreary.

Funeral is best suited to funerals, the synths and sounds here are all hugely low and have various drones and other bits of feedback going on. There’s also some percussion in the background during, what I assume is, the first half. The subtle touches on the percussion are nice, but I think a lot more may have been needed to just chunk this release out some more. As it is now, everything feels too minimalistic and the songs need some more depth to their sounds.

As it continues evolving, you can hear some organs (?) which I think are probably the most interesting sounds on this song, that and the clean keys at the halfway mark. To me, it feels a shame that there isn’t more here to listen to, the touches here and there don’t really interest me and if it feels like a longer version of the songs I didn’t enjoy off of Orbital. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t feel like there’s a decent enough pay off to justify the length of this song.

But that’s drone and it is possible I do just not understand, but right now, this release isn’t capturing me.

Final Comments:

There is some good content in here, but I just think it could be cut down so much. Right now, it just feels like just a bit too much foreplay with some uninteresting synths and some occasional percussion. I know nnord are capable of so much more than this.


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