New Music Review – One Leg Mary – I, a Seawolf, a Madman

a3161715523_10Band: One Leg Mary
Album: I, a Seawolf, a Madman
Genre: Math-rock, space-rock
Social-media: Facebook/Bandcamp



One Leg Mary are noise-rock band from Greece that I came across back in the day. By ‘back in the day’, I mean, when I use to host a radio-show with my (at the time), girlfriend, which was rather fun – who could say no to loud music through big speakers? That was back in the 2012, the year is now 2015 and I still don’t have self-tying shoes, but I One Leg Mary have released their follow-up to Yes exactly, maybe not, which Is titled: I, a Seawolf, a Madman.

From what I remember, the general sound is still familiar – a fun mix of math-rock, noise-rock and some elements of metal. It all gels rather well together to get an accessible sound that can still boggle the mind with how the songs move and change up and down in musical gears. I think it’s safe to say that this is the more ambitious of One Leg Mary’s releases – There are a few longer songs that take risks to keep the record fresh and entertaining. Miscarriage, pt.I and pt.II, could have been stuck together as the same song, but it works well enough as a two parter.

I do think that one of the real bigger gems on this album, is the track, Sun – a longer tune that plays around with this oddly intense clean bass and guitar at the start, before the vocals come in and it could almost sound like an early Mogwai song. Much like Mogwai, there are also some lush sounding textures and effects used when the song erupts and then descends into a mean sounding outro – It’s this kind of instrumental experimentation that works in the favour of One Leg Mary.

This interesting song-writing takes place on Hunger, the first track you’re jumped to when you land on the Bandcamp page. There are some cool effected guitars, some punchy drums and strong bass as well as rather chill vocals that do remind me A LOT of Mogwai, when they’re quiet anyway. Anyway, just when you think that the song is done; it starts back up again with that intro riff and cuts into another verse. And this is all done without sounding repetitive – everything just comes and goes as the musicians please. It’s this desire to do what they want, with whatever they want, that creates some genuinely fun moments on this album like: the crazy instrumental at the end of Consume. Atone. Repeat., the ridiculously math-ie intro to Nine.

Final Notes:

Despite being released at the arse end of 2014, I’m still considering I, a Seawolf, a Madman, to be one of 2015s most exciting releases to date. It also showcases the potential for One Leg Mary to go on and create some really grand material that will dominate your ears. A mixture of space-rock, math-rock and some even nosier rock, One Leg Mary are a great band to start off your 2015 if you like the bombastic musicianship of math-rockers that don’t feel the need to show it off.


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