Playlist Submission #1 Shifting Reality / Sketchy Map of the Human Soul

A few months back, I reviewed an EP, Naive Audacity, for David Puztai of the ambient/ethreal/soundscape project Shifting Reality and recently, this fine young gent has gotten in contact with me regarding a playlist that brings together a few similar artists into one playlist/mix. If you’re into post-rock, or noise, or ambient music, give this playlist a listen and enjoy lush and beautiful tunes – it contains some rather big names and some rather unknown ambient artists, if you want to be all ‘Oh you’ve probably never heard of them’. Seriously though, give it a go and see if anything tickles your pickle.

I’m not entirely sure how to go about writing about this, besides a few words and then presenting you all with the playlist, so that’s what I’ll do – I hope you like it.


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