New Music Review – Nothing – In Metal

a2136717789_10Band: Nothing
Song: In Metal
Genre: Shoegaze, slowcore
Social-media: Facebook/Twitter/Bandcamp/Official Site


Earlier this year, a band named Nothing released a rather saucy album called, Guilty Of Everything. It a shoegaze, turn grunge, turn other genre album that sounded incredible and deserved much more praise than it got. By the way, you should totally check the album out, it’s relatively cheap off of Bandcamp. I know it would probably be a bit more relevant to do a review of the album, but instead, when checking for updates, I found a real beauty that caught me off guard. Enter their cover of a song, by the band Low, called In Metal.

Right off the bat, this song is much more restrained and toned back than anything off of Guilty Of Everything and it’s welcoming to see that. These guys are known for their crunchy as fuck sounding songs that are such an interesting mix of grunge and shoegaze that it’s very odd to hear them put out something so quiet and laid back – whether it’s a cover or not.

In Metal is a gentle tune that brings electric and acoustic guitar together to create an incredibly chilling atmosphere. Couple these two with the ethereal and dreary vocals of our lead vocalist and we get a freezing sounding song – it’s pretty cool. Near the end there’s also this bass drum that adds a large amount of depth, so that’s nice too. Whilst I do think this song was incredibly personal to Mimi Parker of Low, it seems that Nothing have pulled this song off tastefully by not taking it an entirely different direction and have shown respect to said version, how nice of them.

Overall, top track, give it a listen and see what you think it’s worth and then pay that – it’s a name your price price.


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