Update #13

Hello, hello and hello, how are we all doing today? Great. Welcome to 2015, we still don’t have floating cars yet, but I can deal with that (mainly because I don’t drive) and can just enjoy the fact that it’s another new year. It’s like it’s almost promising to not be a shit year. Fingers crossed, eh?

First things first, the year long anniversary of MusicGleaner is coming up soon and I was planning on doing some sort of competition where if you win you get free stuff. Not sure what said free stuff will be, but it will definitely be free. I’m also not sure what to do for a competition… it’ll be nothing about followers and getting more followers, because I suck at using the Twitters, soooo, I dunno. Just throwing it out there that there may be some free stuff going.

What else… nothing really. I am still alive and I promise lots of content to come now that the busy ass Christmas period is over.

Stay awesome people!



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