New Music Review – Western Jaguar – Council


Artist: Western Jaguar
Song: Council
Genre: Indie-rock, alternative, singer-songwriter
Social-media: Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud/Bandcamp



Today, we have a cheeky look at a track from Indie-rock/alternative musical act, Western Jaguar (make sure you type Western Jaguar Band if you ever want to find him on google). The mind behind Western Jaguar is Canadian, Jeffrey Trainor, and I’ve had the pleasure of grabbing a sneak peak at the track the opening track, Council from his upcoming release Wayfarer, set to drop on March 26th. Council is due for release, by itself on the 15th of January from Trainor’s Bandcamp page, see above, as usual.

The track itself seems much more prominent than previous releases – Glacia (previous album) for example, sounded rather lofi, which worked for it, but with what I’ve heard on Council, everything has been brought forward to be given more emphasis on everything. Hopefully it will be as bright as heard on Glacia.

Whilst the majority of the song is rather sedate thanks to some gentle guitar pickings and deep drum thumps, things do pick up rather quickly with some punchy drumming and fiddly guitar. There’s bass there too, but you know, it’s just there. All add to an intensifying feeling of desperation that the vocals provide.  Everything does feel very cold as well, though, that could be owing to where it was made (I’m told Canada is very cold sometimes).

It all feels smooth everything fits together well as the song evolves. And it all feels especially smooth with all the little details in the sound of the instrumentation – everything feels polished to a personal standard, which means a good standard, but not one that feels sterilised. Vocal performance from Mr Trainor suits the musical style and the lyrics that I think people can relate to. As a whole, vocals and lyrics are very accessible, which is what I think makes this song particularly effective, especially when it gets to the outro final ‘Ohhhh, where do we go?’

Council is a great, atmospheric track that can send chills down your spine with its sound and relaxed vocal stylings. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more of Western Jaguar’s upcoming album, so mark the 26th of March down if this music agrees with you and grab a copy of Wayfarer.


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