New Music Review – three way plane – A Waltz For Unity & Love / New Destination


Band: three way plane
Single: A Waltz For Unity & Love / New Destination
Genre: Punk, alternative-rock
Social-media: Facebook/Twitter/Bandcamp/Soundcloud



Turns out, Greece is a very large place, with lots of places I’ve never heard of, the band I’m looking at today, three way plane, are from another place I’ve never heard of, Αθήνα. So glad I don’t have a Youtube channel, or I’d have to try and pronounce that. These guys are a alternative-rock/punk outfit that have been together for a number of years now and have release a few EPs a full length and now this a single from an upcoming album (?). A Waltz For Unity & Love / New Destination was released on Christmas day of last year, so get festive again and give it a quick listen, afterall, it’s worth it.

This single, with two songs (I still find that strange, no matter how many times I see it), mixes things up in a number of exciting ways – the movements and versatility that three way plane cover in these two songs is actually rather impressive. A Waltz For Unity & Love moves through influences of psychedelic-rock with some quivering guitar, a hint of post-punk in the verses and some harder rock during the chorus. Stick all these together in the blender and you get a rather messy concoction of psychedelic-rock – when the guitar solo kicks in, everything gets very hazy and thick.

Although the song doesn’t take off in the way I’d like it to, there just seems to be something missing, it could be that the chorus seems oddly restrained.

New Destination felt like a mixture of surf-rock and some early punk bands – I’m thinking Red Hot Chilli Peppers mixed with Dead Kennedys? It was killer listening for the funky bass changes to pick-scrapes/chunky chorus. This song also sees the singer letting his hair down a bit more, which is what I think A Waltz For Unity & Love, needed. That being said, both songs are strong with the exotic and varied way they’re put together, so nothing ever feels dull – it’d just be nice to see these guys turn it up a bit more.

Final thoughts:

three way plane have release a fun single, where both tracks are just as great, without one or the other suffering due to the fact it’s just ‘the other less popular song on the single’. And the idea that these guys create their music through jamming and improve shines through here with their stimulating changes and fun sound. Watch out for the new album!


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