New Music Review – Mauno Meesit – Blue Bird


Artist: Mauno Meesit
Single: Blue Bird
Genre: Singer-songwriter
Social-media: Facebook/Soundcloud


Little details can make a world of difference when it comes to music, especially with a lot of critics having some bangin’ headphones (I personally think a pair of Sennheisers work a treat). The point is, is that it’s nice when musicians go that extra mile and craft something without a sonic detail going on. That’s why today, we’re listening to Mauno Meesit and the first single, Blue Bird, off of his new album, Closer.

Blue Bird is a melancholic little number that begs to be listened to with headphones, earphones, or even really loud speakers, just anything to block out everything else with. Meesit’s interest in minimalist arrangements, acoustic instruments and tiny sonic details are what really make this song something quite stunning.  The guitar gently mopes around with these sweet little pickings and the vocals walk hand in hand with every instrument on this track – they’re put together with every instrument in such a striking way.

Speaking of instruments, here’s a little food for thought: the guitar used in this song is a 100 year old parlour guitar, and the microphone? A 1940’s contraption!

And although the vocals aren’t necessarily elegant, the lyrics carry such a lovely message ‘broken people are beautiful/as beautiful as you’. They’re also charming, especially the way he rolls the ‘there’s a blue bird inside of me’ part of the lyrics – nothing short of incredible on a whole.

When the piano chords cascade in, the whole soundscape comes alive with the subtle drums, guitar strums and vocals and although it feels dreary, it sounds wonderful. I think to truly understand this song, you need to give it a listen, which you can do above, and I know its kinda ‘Oh, I’m coping out’, but you just need to try it and see what you think.

Final thoughts:

Just try it and be prepared for the new album Closer, at some point this year. Stay tuned.


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