New Music Review – Film Jacket 35 – Self-titled


Band: Film Jacket 35
EP: Self-titled
Genre: Garage-rock, surf-rock
Social-media: Facebook/Soundcloud/Bandcamp



There seems to be an influx of bands from Greece that have been sending me their work recently and that’s just groovy, because who doesn’t love hearing sounds from places they’re not used to? This guy certainly loves it. This time it’s the Athens band garage-rock duo film jacket 35 and their first self-titled four-track EP that was released a week or so ago on the 12th of January.

Now, these guys do the recording, the production and the promotion for themselves – they don’t have a label or anything fancy yet, so no shiny production values, just live and raw recordings.

The sound you get here is very much what you’d expect from a garage-rock duo that haven’t been signed just yet, unadulterated guitar sounds, punchy drums and general fun, fun, fun. Although there are a lot of surf-rock sounds going around on this EP, at times it does also sound bluesy, especially when the solos or other riffs kick in on songs like Dreamers and Jerkwater Town.

The former has a radical guitar solo, while the latter has a groovy opening riff. There are lots of fast-paced tunes here that feel very rock n’ roll to the point you can jive along with the garage-driven guitar.

Now this is all very good, but a lot of the time, the guitar is so loud and dominant, it’s a paint to hear the drums. They’re just so pushed back and at times you can only hear brief snippets of it, which is a shame because for this sort of band, you need to hear the raw intensity of every last instrument.

That being said, the vocals are still mixed in nicely and suit this certain type of sound that they’re making very well, although, I think that the lead vocalist may still be finding his voice. He sounds at his best when he’s roaring into the mic and riffing on that guitar like it owes him money, but at worst, just the voice just seems at one with the other instruments.

Final thoughts:

This self-titled is an energetic first EP that is just the first step of many from this band and considering there was no hand-holding of any kind, it’s a strong and consistent release. Teething problems are still obvious with some VERY garage-sounding tunes (but that’s part of the charm) and a unique voice still (for everything) still meaning to be found, but rest assured, I’m sure it will be found – teething problems only happen at a young age.


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