Hello readers, I’ll cut the foreplay and just come out with it: I will be taking a brief break from posting here, mainly, because I’m  now working on my dissertation (proper like) and I have a lot of class work to get on with. It’s possible that I may post something that interests me here and there, but for the most part, I won’t be posting much.

I will keep everyone updated on how things are progressing and the blog will be run as normal AFTER all my work is done. Because shiiiiit, I can’t multitask in anymore than I already am and I feel like my work would decline, both here and at university.

Thank you to my readers, if you want to send me abuse, or review requests and so on, I will still be reading my emails and so on, so we can chat and stuff.

Again, massive thank you to my readers, my followers and all you people that thought of me when you want someone to listen to your work.

All the best and I’ll see you soon x



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