Break Over

University has finished, I got a cool grade and I’m ready to be back, baby.

Yeah, the break is over guys and gals, so I’ll be getting back to posting all the crap I can.

What else has been happening? I deleted a butt load of music that I’ve been hoarding away on my computer for, probably, years now and have made some wiggle room. My iPod died, so I’ve gotten into this fun little habbit of pretending my phone is a CD player and only keeping a few albums with me at one time. It’s seriously rather fun, give it a try! I’m now looking for full-time work as well, and until then, I’ll have plenty of time for you lot.

Please enjoy/hate me as appropriate annnnnnddddd, I look forward to chatting the shit with you all again. Don’t be afraid to say hi in the usual places, Twitter/email. I don’t bite (out of context).

Here, as a token of good-will, take this song from a band that are cool:


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