New Music Review – Drones Club – –


Band: Drones Club
EP: –
Genre: Indie-pop, post-pop
Social-media: Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud/Official Website (Free download)


Drones Club are a London based three-piece, indie-pop/self-described post-pop band that have their debut EP, -, available to download for free from their website. And yes, the album is simply called, -, not sure if that’s pronounced dash, hyphen or minus – answers on a postcard, please. The fact these guys are quoted as being both an art project and a band, give me the possibly negative impression that even if I don’t enjoy the EP, it could be because, ‘I just don’t get it’, but we’ll see.

There are some pleasing variations going on here, amongst the three tracks on this EP. The first track, Cabin Pressure, feels typically indie-pop with its simplified guitars, beats and synth work going on, whereas the closer Sphinx is some kind of jilted acid-house track. This variation works well, owing to the similar themes and instruments that’re used throughout and give these tracks a sense of familiarity that gives the EP some flow.

The instrumentation is crisp and the stabbing synths during Sphinx remain a highlight in this EP. Despite Sphinx taking such a jump in a different direction, it still fits with the sounds that the rest of this EP has provided. Notion is very much the middle child that’s ignored here, not by Drones Club, but by me. In comparison to the other tracks, this one is underwhelming and while I do understand the benefit of slower moments in music, it seems like this EP would have benefited much more from keeping a consistent pace.

Cabin Pressure has a catchy vocal and synth hook that play every so often and it fits nicely. Especially since the synth chords in Cabin Pressure are so lush and engrossing. The little breakdown in this song is a nifty little break, but isn’t all that stunning and doesn’t bring anything new until the end, where it devolves into the vocals and some bass synth. Really not digging the ‘De da da dada’ vocal snippets at the end though…

Final Thoughts:

Short and okay. Sphinx does this album so many favours and is so cool, but Notion is underwhelming and should have been some kind of gritty extended intro to Sphinx. But what Drones Club have done here is a cool start into what, I guess, is going to be an extended project and I’m sure they have plenty more to pull out of their collective sacks (haha). Considering the EP is free, give it a go and see what you think – it’s worth your time, if only for Sphinx and a few listens of Cabin Pressure.


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