Review: Code Orange – Forever


Band: Code Orange
Album: Forever
Genre: Hardcore punk, sludge, metalcore
Social Media: Official site/Facebook/Twitter

Almost done with January and I’ve already got a favourite album for the year. At least, I’ve got a favourite loud/mean sounding album.

Code Orange, formerly known as Code Orange Kids, are a hardcore, experimental, punkish band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and this album is their third, full-length album, Forever.

Forever is, from the beginning, a vicious and aggressive ride that allows a listener few chances to catch their breath, besides maybe one or two points. One such break comes with the third song fourth song on the album, Bleeding In The Blur, which has clean vocals provided by the band’s bassist, Reba Meyers.

This song honestly caught me off guard with it sounding more like an alternative rock song than anything else present on the album. I love the way the song sounds and it offers up a surprising amount of versatility.

The band also brings these strange little editing flourishes into some songs, like stutters and sudden audio stops, and while it is interesting to see the band going for something different, it doesn’t feel necessary. Thankfully, they don’t happen often and when they do, they are brief.

The band also brings these strange little editing flourishes into some songs, like stutters and sudden audio stops, and while it is interesting to see the band going for something different, it doesn’t feel necessary. Thankfully, they don’t happen often and when they do, they are brief.

Speaking of things that may be unnecessary, the last song, dream2, doesn’t really do it for me as a closer. As a stand-alone track, it’s fine, but as a closer, it just shouldn’t be there. Maybe try it as an interlude somewhere in the middle of the track listing.

However, the rest of the album, aside from maybe two other tracks (dream2 and Hurt Goes On), is a complete onslaught of abrasive and girthy punk that proves, the scene still has massive balls. You just need to look for it and looking at Code Orange shows you why this is the band that’s making waves.

The title track, Forever, is brutal,  Just have to know where to finds it. Ugly feels like a grunge throwback until the vocals come in, it’s Code Orange playing with our expectations and it is a blast. You can also hear these expectations challenged in Hurt Goes On.

This album is just a delight, in a sick, twisted way that’ll have you head banging and deciding to just say ‘fuck you to authority, expectations and your dreams.’

Listen to it if you like anything mean, gross, punk, industrial, or sludge sounding.


Albums of 2016

I’ve been away awhile, sorry, but life is busy and I’m hitting my stride/prime. Promise I will give you more of my time, because talking about music is uber cathartic for me and it’s always great to introduce people to new music they may or may not like.

Probably not as many artists on here as there should be, but I fell behind a bit last year. Forgive me and find something here that you like.

Love and kisses, Music Gleaner x


The Weeknd – Starboy

I don’t give a shit if Selena Gomez is bangin’ The Weeknd, but I do like this album. Especially the singles, because I’m a complete piece of trash.


Touche Amore – Stage Four

How ’bout that tongue twister? Killer post-hardcore stuff from these legends. It’s also easy to fall for the lyricism here, so enjoy that.


Swain – Long Dark Blue

Kind of grunge and kind of punk, but I kind of adored this album throughout the bum end of 2016.


Gojira – Magma

Co-worker played the shit out of this album and I kind of just ignored it for the longest time. But then I cranked it open on one hungover morning aaaannnnddd damn. I absolutely heart the direction Gojira have taken.


Sia – This is Acting

Pop brilliance from one of my favourite artists ever. Wish she would take a break and stop releasing her… less than brilliant stuff. Get in the ocean The Greatest.


Wormrot – Voices

Probably the best baby-making music you’ll ever come across. Might need a glass of water after listening to these raunchy grindcore bastards.


Telefone – noname

Cosy hip-hop from my favourite, and only, gypsy artist. Kudos to making something that is this easy to listen to.


Weezer – White Album

Duh, this album is the return to form Weezer have been needing to pull for some time now.


Diarrhea Planet – Turn To Gold

As much as this album frustrates me with so much going on all at once, I still loved it’s general vibe, instrumentation and amount of major key solos. Top banana from this six-piece.


Red Fang – Only Ghosts

Yeah, it’s pretty good. Cool album to work-out to if you like heavy, sludgy riffs and mean vocals.


British Theatre – Mastery

My dick gets rock hard for anything from Mike Vennart and Richard Ingram. My dick aside, there is some genuinely stellar experimental electronic music here.  Also, seems heavier than Vennart’s solo album Demon Joke, that’s groovy.


Radiohead – A Moon shaped Pool

A lovely album from these old chaps. Special shout-out to True Love Waits and Identikit. Everything about this album is just nice and lovely.


Cult of Luna – Mariner

How I came across Julie Christmas, who sometimes scares me, but most of the time tickles me pink. Awesome post-metal album that hits that certain metal g-spot.


John Congleton – Until The Horror Goes

Angular, catchy, but difficult to explain when people ask you what you’re listening to, John Congleton’s Until The Horror Goes is a welcomed return to the music release scene.


The Avalanches – Wildflower

I prefer it to Since I Left You, what are you going to do about it? This is some tight pluderphonic-shit right here.


Ulcerate – Shrines of Paralysis

Graphic metal that just won’t quit and why should it when the riffs are this banging?

New Jamie Lenman single , ‘Mississippi’

I'm sorry, I don't know who took the OG picture. I think it's  Chris Baker.

I’m sorry, I don’t know who took the OG picture. I think it’s Chris Baker.

Just a quick one to let you all know you should listen to Jamie Lenman’s new song, Mississippi.

I would embed it here, but it won’t let me, so I’ll just link you here.

“I’m super excited for people to hear the new material,” he says, “and I’m looking forward to seeing folks in person throughout the year.” Thoughts? Absolutely, yes. And there’s potential tour dates coming up? Get in.

Listen to the song if you want something from Jamie that feels… sludgy? Let’s not label it and just say it’s a fun listen if you like rock music.