Band O’ The Week #6


Artist: Bear The Mammoth
Album: Yamadori
Genre: Progressive-rock, post-rock, instrumental
Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/Bandcamp

Week two and I manage to keep this feature going. Bear The Mammoth are a four-piece prog-rock/post-rock band from Australia that have been around since 2009. However, this year, back in June, they released their debut full-length album, Yamadori.

Quick tickle of information, yamadori, is the name for a tree collected from a wild mountain or a tree dwarfed “in the wild” by natural circumstances. The more you know! Cheers Google.

These guys work really well with flow and organic sounding songs on this album, there are plenty of shiny and quiet guitars to get any post-rock nut’s head spinning around and around. Let’s not forget the use of not just clever instrumentation, but the manipulation of more subtle sounds, like feedback and use of synths. Couple this with a strong set of drums and bass and you’re about ready for a good time.

If you want to be lazy and have a check out what these guys are really all about, listen to the song, Hieronymus Bosch; it’s one of their strongest songs and I think, shows off everything these guys have to offer. That being said, Molly is very sugary sweet AND epic for all you glistening post-rock fans out there.

Should you have time (and you should, otherwise why are you reading my opinion?) listen to the whole of Yamadori and support these guys by buying it from their Bandcamp.


Band O’ The Week #5

It’s time for my favourite feature that I never do: Band O’ Week! One day I will post these on a consistent date, I promise.

chetfaker1_wideThe Band: Chet Faker

The Sound: Electronic-soul-lounge

The Recommend: Thinking In Textures (EP)

This guy is an Australian electronic musician

Chet Faker is a relatively new discovery to me, despite being active for two years now. Chet released his debut album back in April and I am so disappointed that I’d never heard him until recently!

Built On Glass is a wonderful album that surprised me more than anything else, but I did prefer his EP from 2012, Thinking In Textures. By the way, I’m not sure why it’s an EP, it has more than enough material to make a decent length of an album, just sayin’. The EP had some real thumpers on it, including the fucking excellent cover of No Diggity, which I’m going to show you now.

What I love about Chet’s music is the amount of variety. It’s like sticking your hand in a bag of soulful sweeties and getting ones that are the same colour, but are all slightly differently flavoured. What I mean to say, is that there’s a lot of consistent sounds in Faker’s music, however, he varies things up all the time with wistful samples, sweet synths and general nice key playing.

It’s this consistency that tells you, ‘This is it, this is a Chet Faker song’. Don’t get me wrong, it’d be nice to have a curve-ball, but it might feel out of place in his work. I’m hoping that he doesn’t repeat himself in future releases and instead, continues to make incredibly moving music that seems to come from an accessible sound.

Chet’s sound would appeal to most people, but I think music fans that are aching for that electronic soul sound, with maybe a splash of trip-hop, will find something they like with Chet Faker.

Good one Chet, A* you can have a smiley face an all.

Band O’ The Week #4

After another brief (long) hiatus, this feature is making another appearance so I can praise one of my most treasured EPs of all time. A band until recently, I had completely forgotten about, mainly because I’d lost the EP and my music library, so as the years went on, the name faded from my memory.

However, I discovered it again through Last Fm; I’d not used my account properly for a while, but it had a lot of my old scrobbles and stuff on it, so I searched through there on a particularly slow day. Much to my joy (har har), I found the band.


Today, I want to talk to you about Serena Joy. These guys are a seven-piece band that have taken band members from a whole lot of real underground (at the time) bands like andtheywillriot! and Missiles of Uncertain Destinations. As a band in 2007, these chums created one of the most incredibly cinematic and unforgettable experiences of music I have ever had the luxury of listening to, Ours Will Be A Lonely Battle.

The EP is split into four songs that span over several genres, including: post-hardcore, post-rock, slowcore and folk (right at the end). Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how you describe the sound of this music, nothing compares to actually listening to it.

Listen here.

What really got me on this EP, however, was the sing-along at the end; such an incredibly perfect way to end anything.

Since then, I haven’t heard or seen anything. In fact, it seems like it’s almost impossible to get hold of their material through any means besides ‘searching’, or buying it from someone that doesn’t look like the right label? I could be wrong.


Band O’ The Week #3

a2048097338_10Band: Iserlohn 
Album: Standing Still Is A Great Deceiver
Genre: Post-rock, ambient, IDM
Social Media: Facebook/Bandcamp/Soundcloud/YouTube/Last fm

After a brief hiatus from this feature, it’s back, with more bells and whistles than ever before; I say that, there’s nothing new about this feature.

This week we’re giving the band o’ the week title to post-rock/ambient band, Iserlohn. These guys are from my home town of Bristol and they’ve recently released their debut album, Standing Still Is A Great Deceiver, which can be bought for a name your price, price. By the by, just because they’re from my home town, it does not make me biased in anyway (yes it does).

This debut is lengthy journey through the stars created with bleeps bloops and twinkles. The very long and drawn out style the band is using is very reminiscent of other acts like: Helios, A Winged Victor For The Sullen and other bands that utilise slow-tempos and peaceful arrangements that take the listener away beyond clutter and anger.

What you might enjoy most about this album, are the moments where things pick up, like when a beat kicks in after some progressive build-up. Or when everything gets hazy with fuzzy synths. It shows versatility and thankfully, not in the brassy tart kind of way that just involves slapping something un-involved onto the track.

Iserlohn are young and full of energy, granted the energy is reserved and calm, but none the less. Keep an eye on this lot in the future.


Band o’ The Week #2

Thought I’d forgotten about my new feature? Not a chance. This week, we’re leaving the strange odd-strumental stylings of Can Can Heads and we’re taking a louder approach to things.

This week I’m featuring the stoner metal-heads from Denmark, Pet The Preacher. These guys released their second full length album last Friday (April 25th), titled The Cave & The Sunlight and it has to be said, it’s a rather kickass release.

10294446_817611621600248_6972648451610795684_nBand: Pet The Preacher
Album: The Cave & The Sunlight
Genre: Stoner-metal
Social Media: Facebook/Napalm Records ( I couldn’t find anywhere else to buy the album, so I’ve just linked it here)

This album is an incredibly strong and powerful release; as with all good stoner-metal band releases you have heavy drumming, loud vocals and proud guitars. When listening to this album, I couldn’t help but feel this sense of power, especially when listening to Let Your Dragon fly. You just can’t help but feel that desire to do anything.

However, again, like all great stoner-metal bands, they must show versatility and these guys do. There are slower rock out sessions which rely more-so on this drawn out guitar solos that burn over the rest of the track. And when these guys push the gear up and bring out a surprising riffing session during one of these slower moments, it’s just mental.

What I’m trying to get across, is that this is a killer second album and brings back memories of bands like The Melvins and Red Fang. If you like either of those bands, give these guys a listen, if not, give them a harder listen.

Band o’ The Week #1 – April

Another new feature where I will try my best to find a new band that I’ve never heard before and place them at the top. Odds are I’ll bitch out and pick some other band that I’ve heard beforehand, but more often than not, I’ll put a band I’ve never heard before, that have impressed me, at the top.

This week, we have the incredible odd-strumental rockers, Can Can Heads.


Band: Can Can Heads
Album: Butter Life 
Genre: Crazy
Social Media: Bandcamp/Facebook

Can Can Heads and their album Butter Life, released on the bum end of last month have made it to my band o’ the week, simply because their stuff is strange as dicks! This long, 19 track album will control all the peculiar things in your life as it alternates from strange to stranger in strum of a single chord.

Every song is a short, punchy attack on everything you believed to be simple and right with music.

Very much reminiscent of when I first saw Kong, live. They challenged me with unshaven crotches and ball-sack lights.

I wish that was just some drunken allusion, but it’s not.

You can pick up this mental in the face EP for relative cheaps from their Bandcamp and enjoy never feeling the same way about music ever again. Just click the bandcamp page above!