Can Can Heads Release New Video ‘Too Numb To Step’

More Crazy From The Sultans Of Suave

Back when I had my first Band O’ The Week feature, these gents were the first to be featured with their album Butter Life. The new video, Too Numb To Step, is from that album and is, well, you probably just saw it; minimal.

It does showcase one of the less erratic songs on Butter Life, even if it is still off the wall, and that’s a great move on their behalf. But you know, the craziness is part of the charm of these guys.

Charm in the same way that you’re charmed by the drunk regular at the pub. Still! A drunken mumble of a song that lashes out at all. Keep your distance, but listen well.


Band o’ The Week #1 – April

Another new feature where I will try my best to find a new band that I’ve never heard before and place them at the top. Odds are I’ll bitch out and pick some other band that I’ve heard beforehand, but more often than not, I’ll put a band I’ve never heard before, that have impressed me, at the top.

This week, we have the incredible odd-strumental rockers, Can Can Heads.


Band: Can Can Heads
Album: Butter Life 
Genre: Crazy
Social Media: Bandcamp/Facebook

Can Can Heads and their album Butter Life, released on the bum end of last month have made it to my band o’ the week, simply because their stuff is strange as dicks! This long, 19 track album will control all the peculiar things in your life as it alternates from strange to stranger in strum of a single chord.

Every song is a short, punchy attack on everything you believed to be simple and right with music.

Very much reminiscent of when I first saw Kong, live. They challenged me with unshaven crotches and ball-sack lights.

I wish that was just some drunken allusion, but it’s not.

You can pick up this mental in the face EP for relative cheaps from their Bandcamp and enjoy never feeling the same way about music ever again. Just click the bandcamp page above!