New Music Review – Cloud Boat – Carmine (Track)


Facebook is funny, ain’t it? Sometimes, it can really hit the nail on the head, but from what I’m used to doing and used to seeing other people doing, it’s better to just rip on it. This time, however, it hit the nail on the head, through the table and onto my poor foot. In the best possible way(?).

A suggested post came up, recommending the band Cloud Boat and their brand new (free) single, Carmine. Now, I know nothing about Cloud Boat, so it would almost seem unfair to just jump right into this track and rip it up, but I gave it a go. Like every writer and his cynical uncle, I was initially skeptical, but I gave it a listen and was in a few minutes lost at sea on a boat of clouds and mist, with no company but the gentle tones of Carmine.

The song glows with a wonderful chord progression, dripped with reverb, care and atmosphere. The atmosphere is very reminiscent of dream-pop and shoegaze, but very difficult to pin down to a single genre as it mixes in elements from the above and more so efficiently.

This eloquent and stunning mix of music comes from two people dream-boats (boosh) Sam and Tom. Despite these two using simple building blocks to construct this song, they manage to create something beautiful that it, by and large, hitting the larger scale airwaves. It may be possible that we’re seeing a reassurance of shoegaze and dream-pop that was so prevalent back in the 90s.

Carmine feels like a boat trip along where the ocean meets the night sky with twinkling synths, elegant guitars, dreamy ambiance and submissive beats. From what I’ve seen so far, Cloud Boat looks like a band to watch for 2014. So keep those telescopes preparedĀ and those sails of dreams and stars at the ready for a voyage.

Details about a full-length release are minimal, but it would be fair to say that something could be released this year, it’s just a case of as and when; keep an eye out.

If you like Carmine, head to their website for a free download.

Until next-time kids, keep shoegazing.