New Music Review: Linkin Park – Guilty All The Same (Track)

So, Linkin Park are back. It’s been about two years since they last put out an album that was met with, mixed reviews, even though a lot of the less than favorable reviews could be taken away as, old-Park fans that snub anything new. Understandably so though, it should be said. Their newest song, Guilty All The Same, dropped back in March 6th and I feel a little bit guilty not getting to it sooner. Mainly because me and LP have shared fleeting moments of a fling in the back of speeding cars occasionally. But only briefly! And they didn’t rush me.

Linkin Park have put out a new effort, something that fans have said, is slightly reminiscent of the old days of of the Linkin Pizzle (a pet name that will never catch on). Mind you, only some fans have said this, others are very quick to tie a a rope around it’s neck and hang it over the stairs. In my opinion though, the song is nice; swish; decent. The first thing that strikes me about this track is the heaviness of the intro. It also has this quite, I know it sounds strange but, vampire like guitar lead, it’s very hard to explain, but it’s cool and standout. There’s also this quivering piano that comes in afterwards to back up Chester’s vocals and for the most part, it feels suitably bombastic. The accusatory lyrics, brass-tarty piano epicness and non-offensive vocals all sound rather familiar. Obviously, I’m not saying they sound the same, or Linkin Park copied, I’m saying that it all sounds rather similar. Although they do use very familiar clouds…

That being said, the track still sounds alright, although I do have to agree with the fans that have said it would great to hear Chester get a little bit moody again. Shout! That’s what I (and a lot of other people) enjoy about Linkin Park; the merging of genres like metal and hip-hop. The track as a whole though, is a step in the right direction; the instrumentation is heavy and unforgiving and Chester is (hopefully) returning to vocal form. Big fan of the softer parts in this song; the smooth synths that chunk things up in the quieter parts; really killer choice.

Get back to some Faint though guys, only for a song or two, but do it for the kids!