New Music Review – Western Jaguar – Council


Artist: Western Jaguar
Song: Council
Genre: Indie-rock, alternative, singer-songwriter
Social-media: Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud/Bandcamp



Today, we have a cheeky look at a track from Indie-rock/alternative musical act, Western Jaguar (make sure you type Western Jaguar Band if you ever want to find him on google). The mind behind Western Jaguar is Canadian, Jeffrey Trainor, and I’ve had the pleasure of grabbing a sneak peak at the track the opening track, Council from his upcoming release Wayfarer, set to drop on March 26th. Council is due for release, by itself on the 15th of January from Trainor’s Bandcamp page, see above, as usual.

The track itself seems much more prominent than previous releases – Glacia (previous album) for example, sounded rather lofi, which worked for it, but with what I’ve heard on Council, everything has been brought forward to be given more emphasis on everything. Hopefully it will be as bright as heard on Glacia.

Whilst the majority of the song is rather sedate thanks to some gentle guitar pickings and deep drum thumps, things do pick up rather quickly with some punchy drumming and fiddly guitar. There’s bass there too, but you know, it’s just there. All add to an intensifying feeling of desperation that the vocals provide.  Everything does feel very cold as well, though, that could be owing to where it was made (I’m told Canada is very cold sometimes).

It all feels smooth everything fits together well as the song evolves. And it all feels especially smooth with all the little details in the sound of the instrumentation – everything feels polished to a personal standard, which means a good standard, but not one that feels sterilised. Vocal performance from Mr Trainor suits the musical style and the lyrics that I think people can relate to. As a whole, vocals and lyrics are very accessible, which is what I think makes this song particularly effective, especially when it gets to the outro final ‘Ohhhh, where do we go?’

Council is a great, atmospheric track that can send chills down your spine with its sound and relaxed vocal stylings. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more of Western Jaguar’s upcoming album, so mark the 26th of March down if this music agrees with you and grab a copy of Wayfarer.


Twerps Unveil New Album Trailer

New album Range Anxiety out January 27th 2015

The Twerps are an Australian indie-rock band that are gearing up to release sophomore album, Range Anxiety, on January 27th next year and February 2nd in the UK. To get all of the fans, and potential new fans, excited, they’ve released a trailer that samples a few songs and sprinkles in a day to day living clips of frontman Martin Frawley.

“A lot of people assume that I could fart and produce a hit single,” he laments about a minute in, roaming woefully through an amusement park. A bit later: “I think it’s fair to say that in rock ‘n’ roll there’s a lot of spare time, and I spend a lot of that time drinking. Quite a lot of the time, it’s by myself.”

It’s a bit of a giggle and the music is soft and serene, so it’s worth a watch and maybe a mark on your calendar.

New Music Review – Daisy Victoria – Nobody Dies


Band: Daisy Victoria
EP: Nobody Dies
Genre: Indie-rock
Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/Bandcamp/Soundcloud


Daisy Victoria is the singer-songwriter, indie-rocker that released her debut EP, Heart full Of Beef, back in March of this year. I reviewed said EP, over here and thought that it was a fantastic way of strutting into the indie-rock scene, with confident songs, fantastically delivered vocals and a generally well put together, if a little bit raw, release. And she’s been continuing to make waves in the blogoshpere, by developing a substantial following. That and airtime on radio-stations, new videos and such, Daisy Victoria is not only cooking with gas, but with a hob, a pan and some food.

Now a few months later, we have the next EP, Nobody Dies, set to be released on the 30th of November, although it is available to stream now through Miss Victoria’s Soundcloud.

It’s clear from the start of the EP that strides are being made in some new and exciting directions for Victoria, not massive steps, but steps none the less. For one, there seem to be some dabbling in effects and bigger, more bombastic elements of rock music. I mean, there are plenty of subtle effects here, but strangely enough, the songs sound at their best when the guitars sound tarty. Like the flanged guitar on Ammonite and the occasional flares of it on Blue Arc.There’s also a ton of effects on nearly everything in Coals as well, this would usually turn me off of a song, but here it doesn’t feel offensive – Just a positive feeling towards it. I guess, I could say, that it doesn’t feel like the effects are trying to hide lazy or boring instrumentation, so it just adds and builds-up the song, as opposed to just muddling it all up.

I’m really enjoying the bass focus on this EP, it’s been brought forward in the production and sounds like it’s been given the centre stage, if only to ground the effect drunk guitars. Still, I’m glad to see the bass take a well-deserved turn in the spotlight. On top of that, I think the general production on this EP surpasses Heart Full Of Beef – the instruments sound punchy and the vocals are as clear as they need to be.

This is just great, the production being upped has made some great moments on this EP even greater. Like the bridge, just before the outro of the title track, Nobody Dies, it’s wonderfully driving and fun to listen to – the way the guitars screech in the background, while the drum and bass steer in no wrong direction, just good, fun rock. The song Ammonite is rather great too – the bass through this song reminds me of a very Cure influenced bass guitar. There’s also some organ on this track which really chunks the whole thing out and doesn’t stick out, at least in my opinion.

While I do think that a lot of the darkness from the first EP has taken a bus home, for now, there are still some incredibly intense moments, for starters, the intro to Another Sky, is wonderfully sultry and so is the whole of Coals, but that could be owing to the effected vocals, ambitious electronics and some erratic guitar (also, is that a harmonica I can hear). Of course though, all of this is held together by Miss Victoria’s vocals.

Nobody Dies, feels again, like an EP of experimentation and that does, somewhat, apply to the singing on this release as well. The vocal line she sings in Coals is my favourite line I’ve heard her do yet. I’d like to see more of this, either the effected vocals, or maybe even an angrier (at least sounding) side of her vocals. Blue Arc has some low vocals, which I really appreciated, but it’d be nice to see those be dragged out a little bit more. Besides that, its business as usual Daisy Victoria vocals, which is great, I can’t really see why people would have a problem with them; they tie these brilliant songs together.

Final Notes:

Nobody Dies is another killer release from Daisy Victoria that promises fans an interesting ride with ecstatic guitars, more electronic influences, some killer production and an infectious desire to expand on Miss Victoria’s musical empire. Take care and try not to get lost in all the sounds and moments that this EP provides.

New Indie Rockers The Mcooleys Share First Song

The Mcooleys Present First Song From Upcoming EP Empty Blue Skies

The Mcooleys are a new band that indie-rock band that are preparing themselves to release Empty Blue Skies, their debut EP into the world of music. Empty Blue Skies seems very fitting, considering the band currently resides in Spain; such clear and beautiful skies!  Despite their being no release date, as of yet, for Empty Blue Skies, the gents are eager to show what they have so far, and the result is the tune What Happened Tonight.

I think, so far, the sound that these guys seem to have is an good enough one, the variety in sounds and playing is cool for a start, but these guys sound like they could have a lot to offer. Just check out the other two songs on their Soundcloud.

What Happened Tonight starts with this palm muted clean guitar that just plinks away, but develops a nice bite promptly with the bass and drums. For a first ‘official’ song thing, this recording sounds good, it’s not clippy, it makes the most out of what it has, although more bass would be nice and it does the job.

Something else I thought worth mentioning was how at times, to me atleast, that the lead singer Adam Booley sounded like Tom Delonge of Blink-182. Thankfully though, it’s not because he’s trying to sound like him, but you can hear flares of here and there. The gent has a nice singing voice and utilises it in numerous ways, instead of just stammering along.

Good start for the British born, Mallorca based trio.

Keep your ears to the ground for more!

New Music Review – Daisy Victoria – Heart Full Of Beef (EP)

a2896560978_10Band: Daisy Victoria
EP: Heart Full Of Beef
Genre: Indie-rock
Social Media: Facebook/Twitter/Bandcamp/Soundcloud

Recently, I received a kindly email from the dear indie rocker, Daisy Victoria, asking if I would check out her EP. And with such lovely words, who was I to say no?

Daisy Victoria is an indie rocker that’s been jiving in the scene for a few months now and back in March, she released her debut EP, Heart Full of Beef. Said EP, has made a rather grand splash with critics; BBC introducing have got their teeth into it and now I get to!

Heart Full Of Beef on the first listen gives you a very basic idea of what to expect from Daisy Victoria, however, I think it’s with the consequent listens that you get ‘the real idea’. By ‘real idea’, I mean you can get a better sense of what this musician is all about: vocal delivery, incredibly well produced material and clever lyrics.

One might think of the famed Anna Calvi when listening to Daisy Victoria, but the latter’s music is not as darkly and sinister as Calvi’s discography.

Why go straight for Anna Calvi? Have a listen to Love Of My Life and tell me I’m wrong. Having said this, it’s clear to see that Daisy sets out to distinguish herself in a different way.

The title track Heart Full Of Beef is as chunky as its title and incorporates this raw garage rock-band sound; the guitar that sloshes along in the lower registry is thick and lays it on with the riffs. Everything on this track fits together nicely; when the chorus comes along, you need to make some noise and move your ass; dance you fool!

The guitar rawness/high gain is something that occurs regularly on this album; it does give this very garage rocky and I think that’s intentional, but the luxurious sounds of this EP give a very different picture.

Take for example the song Secret Garden Path, it offers two very contrasting sides of the beauty and the not so beauty. It’s this mystique and contrast between the luxuries and grit that really sets this EP apart from other releases of a similar nature.

Despite Macbeth To My Lady sounding infinitely more sedate than Beef, it still has no problem getting into the louder bars. I love how present the bass and drums are on this track; they hold this track together with their constant and sick beats, whilst the guitar shines away like a crazy diamond.

Cloth fits very well together and has bang on pacing, where everything slowly enters and exits quietly without straying from its strict plan. In fact, it might be possible to say that this would be my favourite from the EP. There are oodles of sounds in this sound and they all sound incredibly unique. It’s just an incredibly interesting listen. And the mini string-thing solo at the end just amplifies that.

The closing song on this EP ties everything together wonderfully. Tree blends the loud, the proud and the awareness that Daisy Victoria’s music is becoming known for. It’s a slow bloomer that doesn’t mess around for too long before it’s up on its feet and prancing around like a drunken parent at a school disco; a parent that dances well, but still, a parent.

Daisy Victoria’s debut EP is a gentle rocker that grips you with initial unease and uncertainty, but soon cuddles you into the contrasting oil painting of her world; worth a listen and more after that to get the full effect of her music. So grab a copy on Bandcamp and indulge.

Heart Full of Beef is a name you price album and you should check it out.

Until next time kids x