New Music Review – Monolord (two tracks)

a1025789202_10Monolord are a psychedelic, doom, sludge, and monster threesome of a band that sound infinitely more villainous than you’d expect a trio of gents to. Despite forming in 2013, this band has already brought a menacing mixture of proficiency and nasty sounds to the table. These young doomers are releasing their debut EP, Empress Rising, on April 1st (or are they? April fools is a bitch) through the newly named indie label Riding Easy Records and it has to be said, it’s a well thought out move on the behalf of both parties. I’ve had a chance, just like any has, to preview two tracks from the upcoming EP and so far, things are looking suitably chunky and full of evil.

The title track of the EP, Empress Rising, is a 12-minute long monolith of a track that saunters around the naughty parts of town, flaunting its fuzz ridden backside. The guitars in this track are massive and could completely swallow up your face, given the opportunity. What also works for me is how crisp the drums sound, the bass could use some more love, especially if we’re getting really dirty.

The drums feel every bit as big as the guitars, which is how it should feel with an outfit as mean as this. The vocals waver in the background, adding a bit of depth to the track, but they never feel central. This isn’t a bad thing, but it would be nice to see some more vocal play.

Icon is goes straight for the jugular with its intro, holding no guitar tabs back. This track is, so far, my favourite, if only because of the absolutely glorious breakdown where the guitar has a second or two to breathe a sigh of relief. But it’s not long before it screeches with anguish is dragged back in for some smashing chords. The reversed outro is quaint and brings things to a close quickly.

With the full release coming soon, it’s getting exciting. Fingers crossed this isn’t a plan in advance April fool’s joke. You can check the band out of Twitters and Facebooks and preorder/buy Empress Rising from their Bandcamp.

Chat soon kids.